One and Done Alternative … route-ncaa

$120,000 almost gets up to what Brian Bowen got.

These guys be takin’ a pay cut huh Swine? :lol:

Pretty much.

ridiculous to give these kids all these options…killing the college game IMO

Does it really kill the college game to have people who don’t want to be there, like the Bentonville Brand, just skip it altogether and go straight to play for pay?

This sounds like a terrible solution & just another ploy to allow the NBA to rule basketball completely & get off cheap with young players to avoid costly NBA busts in the draft. The NBA already has a developmental league, but some of those players were already paid well & some not.
Much less the pressure put on college coaches who spend years recruiting a kid & then not knowing if he will make it to campus or not after high school.
Who will be the NBA judges / experts who decides who eligible for this G League or not & when?
I don’t know, maybe I read into it all wrong, but

not really into NBA much so anything that keep kids from coming to college I am against it.I want to see them come and stay at least 3 yrs like Baseball and football


If this rule keeps some of Calipari’s mercenaries out of Lexington, I’m all for it.

Playing for Cal pays more.

I don’t know if I’d go that far. This alternative would be for the very good. Like the top 20 players. So you’d still have lots of 4 star players to fill the college ranks. And even then, maybe 5 of those 20 will actually do it.