Once again

I haven’t seen the game yet but man our bench is nowhere to be found. We gotta be able to bust a 100. D has been okay but scoring hasn’t caught up yet.

Our bench will determine this season. Those guys gotta step it up in the scoring dept.

Yes the lack of bench production in all aspects could be a nemesis. Got to be able to rest the horses without to big a drop in production.

Once Phillips gets healthy and ready to play I think things from the bench change! I also think Desi and Emery pick up their game on both ends of the stat sheet.
The stats that bother me most right now is FT % and turnovers. The Charity stripe will determine our overall record this season both nonconferwnce and inconference play.
The wildcard on the roster this year in my opinion is Henderson. How Quincey he is able to earn quality minutes and help inside. I’m hoping he is able to earn 10 minutes a game. I really like this Young team of Hogs!

So, is Garland a complete medical for a second season?
Does anyone know what the issue is and if he could be cleared to play?
I understand HIPPA regulations and all, but in general is it realistic that he will ever be cleared to play, if not then why continue this holding pattern. I absolutely hope the best for his health, but at some point a difficult decision needs to be made in one direction or the other.

Go Hogs!

It would be a major upset if everything was in place by Game 2 for such an inexperienced squad. These are not McAA freshmen. I am more concerned about Gafford.

I agree with both of these sentiments.

I’m a little concerned, but I think he’s just trying too hard to be what the media, fans, etc have labeled him. He reminds me a little of Robert Williams from A&M. Their situations are identical. Both had a shot at a lottery pick after their freshman year. Williams started even slower than Gafford has, but after 10 or so games, he settled back into “his” game and played lights out the rest of the way. A&M had a very good cast around him, and the Hogs look like they will have the same, just a bit younger than A&M’s supporting help.

Daniel’s FT shooting improved markedly in this game, and that’s a good start to him settling into “his” game. We need (and he needs to be) the 17-18 pts, 10 boards, 2 blks , 2 TOs and 68% FTs Gafford. I think he’ll settle into that player and be a top 10 NBA pick.