Once again, rain threatens Arkansas series (this time, Aggie series).

We really need to play and win some games this weekend. Here’s hoping we can get all 3 games in.


Unless we were to sweep, it either wouldn’t make any difference or could actually help us to not play at all in a somewhat perverse scenario.

If we don’t play, we remain at a .615 win percentage.
If we sweep, we get to .642.
If we win the series 2-1, we get to .621.
If we lose 2-1, we drop to .586.
If we get swept, we drop to .552.

If LSU sweeps MS State, LSU finishes at .700 and MSU finishes at .566.
If LSU wins 2-1, LSU finishes at .667 and MSU finishes at .600.
If MSU wins 2-1, both finish at .633.
If MSU sweeps, MSU finishes .667 and LSU finishes at .600.

Only a sweep by us over aTm potentially changes our finishing spot in SEC standings. If we were to lose the series 1-2, our potential second-place scenario drops to only a sweep by LSU.

The timing of the rains in that forecast look favorable to me. There isn’t a high chance of rain Thursday and Friday nights, or Saturday during the day time. The first pitch Saturday is at 11 a.m.

Dave (Wiz) and Matt are the two best weather guys on our site. I’m telling you, I can plan things around what they tell me about the weather.

I just looked at the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, and both look good. There is a 0 to 15 percent chance of rain during the hours of tonight’s game and a 0 percent chance tomorrow night.

The threat now appears to be Saturday when there is a 90 percent chance of storms throughout the day. Perhaps the teams schedule a doubleheader tomorrow to ensure all three games are played. Texas A&M’s finals are over, so there shouldn’t be a conflict in that regard like you see on a lot of campuses this time of year.

Looking like it might be a soggy night in College Station tonight . . .

https://weather.com/weather/radar/inter … ation=true

Plus, 80% chance of rain on Saturday . . . wonder if they’ll end up playing two on Friday to make sure they can get them in?

Tomorrow afternoon’s forecast looks a lot better, with a 5 to 20 percent chance of rain during the game time hours in College Station. It looks similar for tonight.