Once. Again letting this team hang around

Guys got a stinking five era and we can’t touch him.taking way too many pictches

Baseball is a game of inches by the way it’s 2-1.

Much better. That was a blast by Fletcher! Need to totally put it away here.

Ended up being a very comfortable win even if it took 6 innings to get it going. Win or lose tomorrow, we’ve had a very good tournament. Even a loss to Fla won’t hurt our RPI. Heck, we might even climb just by playing them. I have no idea how that thing is figured. Regardless, I want to save pitchers. It wouldn’t kill me if we didn’t play Sunday.

I never felt this game was in doubt. Arkansas was putting good swings on that starter early, but just hit a few to outfielders who were in good position. Once it got to the bullpens, there was no doubt the Hogs had the upper hand.

Just playing Florida should give Arkansas a bump in RPI. Upsetting Florida would give it a boost.

Just checked the Warren Nolan site. We’re up to 13 RPI. I know geography counts for a lot when it comes to placing the 2 seeds, so I could see a Mo St, coming to town.

Exactly what I expect. The other possibility is Mobilehoma. D1Baseball sends the Paperclips to Tucson, which is also possible. But they could put them in Baum too since Fort Worth and Lubbock are out due to being Big 12 sites.

NCAA site also has us at 13 RPI today, up from 14. So beating Moo U (and Wake Forest losing to Miami) was worth one spot.

Unrelated note: The only way we can lose 20 games this season is to get to the super. Or Omaha. We’re at 16 losses, can lose one more in Hoover, one in the regional (two in the regional ends the year at 19), and two in the super. Or one in the super and one in Omaha. Of course, we could also win the next 12 games :smiley: Why does this come up? Kentucky already has 20 losses and they’re somehow in the national seed discussion.

I understand the concept of saving pitchers for the Regionals, but I’d sure like to see the Hogs win this SEC tournament. I don’t think that has happened. Let’s hope the bats win it and we accomplish both.

Arkansas State and UCA are still alive in their conference tournaments. I’d expect the NCAA to send one of them here if they make it through. Not something that has ever happened in baseball, but it could this year.