On3 transfer portal rankings

The Importer strikes again. And he ain’t done.

Battle was the #10 portal guy on their list, Menifield is #30, Mark is #49.

I like 247 ranking better. #12 Battle, #15 Mark, #32 Menifield

Remember this is not Gymnastics judging. We keep the highest score here and throw out all others. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yeah that would be a lot more accurate for those three because all three of those guys can flat out play

Yeah, those are reasonable. I like CBS Sports, which is Mark #5 and Battle #22. They only rank 36 and don’t have Menifield listed though.

I hope Mark turns out to be as good as a lot of these rankings.

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Let’s keep in mind that these are transfer rankings. It is a ranking of what is available to be ranked.

Mark could very well be the 5th best of what is available.

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No, they are not. The ones I’m using include those committed and those remaining in the portal. As you know, Mark is committed to us and not still available.

Unless I’m not following what you are saying.

I meant the guys who have entered the portal, committed as well as not committed.

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