On3’s Top SEC freshmen

FWIW, On3 has Walsh as a 4-star.

Nice graphic, PJ. Are you actually in the Bahamas with The Squid? If so, have you seen Stoops at the hotel?

But seriously, why post this? This is a Hog board. We just had our best recruiting class since Coach Richardson, but you put up a post with a Kentucky player being the best frosh in the SEC? Nick will be drafted higher than any of them. I just don’t get your Cal love, man, but at least you’re consistent.

I was hoping someone would question why Cason Wallace is rated that high and we could have a discussion. Nick should be rated higher than Cason. Based on what have seen so far, it is Nick, Miller and Traore as the Top 3. Not sure where Wallace really fits,

I was also hoping Hog fans would be pleased to see that On3 rates Black that high, in fact higher than Nick.

TBH, I did not like what I have seen of Wallace so far. Nice handle, great defender, nice size for a PG but poor offensively.

This ranking makes On3 (whoever they are) look like a joke. I get why you might want a discussion, but do you even realize that most of your posts seem to glorify The Squid? I think even Dykes would tell you to pump your brakes.

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I’ve never seen Cason Wallace play. Not in high school, not in AAU, not in their games in the Bahamas. So I have no idea if he’s all world or horribly overrated.

Frankly, I think rating AB higher than Nick is also off base. I love having both of them, but we’ve seen in Europe so far who Da Man is, and it isn’t AB.

I get it. You only want to see information about the Razorbacks on this board and nothing that shows information about other SEC teams unless it is bad and makes Razorbacks look good. If an administrator tells me those are the rules of this forum, I will most probably stop posting on this forum. Because I enjoy discussions and your way there wouldn’t be any.

If you think that by saying Cal has done a good coaching job at UK, makes me a UK fan, that is your right. As far this post, it has two Arkansas freshmen in it. So, I don’t see how that is about Coach Cal.


I have watched 8 of the 10 of those freshmen so far. You know I am not biased like some, but I have seen no one better than Nick. He could be POY candidate, given the makeup of our current roster, he will have to score consistently. Even Muss said he needs to score for us to win,

As far as Wallace, I only watched the first Kentucky game in Bahamas. Looking at the box score of their game yesterday, Wallace did have a good scoring game. I guess I need to watch him more for a better assessment for me.

Love to hear RazorAg’s assessment of the SEC freshmen. Hoping to get comments from RD and Scottie too.

As far as I’m concerned, On3 should be disregarded this year when it comes to basketball rankings. They are so far out in left field on their own rankings that they shouldn’t even post them. They have some good analysts associated with them, but they just haven’t spent the time on basketball. They are new, and do a better job on football, which probably is their primary focus and should be, as a new service.

Any recruiting service that has someone named Leonard Miller as the number 2 recruit in the 2022 class, while listing Nick Smith as the #14 recruit (recently bumped to #12) should be disregarded. Maybe in the 2023 and 24 classes they will improve?

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Personally, I like to see objectivity and perspective. Thanks PJ.

I guess that depends on your definition of “da man”. Was corey beck da man or corliss, or scotty. Was Todd Day da man or Lee Maybury, or Oliver Miller?

Corliss was da man. So was Day. Beck and Scotty were excellent players, so were Lee and O, but in the words of Reggie Jackson, Corliss and Day were the straws that stirred the drink.

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Personally, I don’t value your opinion enough to care what it is. PJ brings value to the board, and I like to rib him from time to time about Cal. Your value to the board…have not seen it yet.

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I hope I don’t bring any value. My value will not be on a message board. Well I guess I bring 9.95/Mos and hope the insiders provide some reciprocity. Other than that, I’m here to listen to clays retirement and rib folks like you do.

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