ON WikipediA, Why does it say Chad Morris ??

Head coach

TEAM- Arkansas Razorbacks

Conference-- Western

Somebody messing with us again?


Don’t see it.

NOW it got changed back…

We’ve had that happen before.

Should have taken a screen shot to prove I wasn’t kidding…

I saw it 339.

Maybe it’s a happy birthday message.

It was on the Top right hand of the page.

Scouts Honor, LOL

Thank’s for the back UP!!

I actually have the screenshot of it too, I just can’t figure out how to post it. Says it’s too big.

I’m not tech Savvy enough.

Because anyone with internet access can change the information on a Wikipedia page. It isn’t and should never be relied upon as accurate.

This is Fact. I read the opening sentance and it sais SMU, Under Bio right side some body changed that info. Actually I thought I’m going to post this with a heading Chad Morris and boom it was gone.

Not quite. You have to be a member and provide accurate source. You can change it and write in Knute Rockne, but it will get reversed pronto. Yeah, but not to be relied on for breaking/upcoming news.

Yeah, the other day they had the Tulsa AD listed as the hire for Arkansas when the rumors were hot it was fact.