On walk-on receiver Warren Thompson and his play

“Now there’s one who is going to get better as the season goes on,” Sam Pittman said Wednesday.

Asked Pittman about WR Warren Thompson, a physically impressive walk-on who is 4th among Arkansas receivers in snaps played through 2 games, according to PFF:


Sorry if missed it in article but what year is he?

Redshirt junior.

Yes, I was at the game and wondered who he was. I had to look him up in the program. Great addition to the program

Yes, like WSOP said, he’s a redshirt junior. Apologize for not including that in the story.

Thompson jumped out to me on the first day of the preseason. He looked really good and fluid in 1-on-1s with defensive backs. Later that day, Sam Pittman said the receiver was dealing with a hamstring. It sure didn’t look like it. He was impressive.

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