On Tyson Morris' one-handed catch that sparked a turnaround

“I think it gave us juice,” Sam Pittman said.

On the one-handed grab Tyson Morris made that got Arkansas’ offense out of the mud and sparked a second-half offensive turnaround:

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was a Great Catch!


Also our incompetent SEC officiating crew should have called PI on the Morris catch.


Can’t go back and check the replay, but it looked like Rice DB grabbed TM’s (left) arm. The only way a catch could happen is TM catching pass using other arm (right). Suppose Side/Field Judges (the officials on top of the deep sideline passes) consider holding only one arm to be “incidental”contact these days. Happens every game.
The rules of the game are almost incomprehensible these days.

Was a great catch.

Thought it made a poor throw look good instead of interception.

And sparked comeback

He was interfered with. I thought Mrs. Buzzard was going to stroke out over yelling for a flag.

I thought the play before was just as important, a 43-yard kickoff return. I also thought Trelon’s 4-yard run on 3rd and 3 just after that was important.

Big time plays that weighed heavily in the win.

I thought it was clearly pass interference. Fortunately, he caught the ball & picked yardage after the catch, but the PI still should’ve been called.

Another big play was the QB Sack by Taurean Carter (I think it was Carter).

It looked the QB could have gained significant yardage if Carter hadn’t dove and grabbed a shoelace.

That was true max effort play. If he does not trip the QB up the guy is going to run for a first down. Carter got shaken up on the play but came back in the game later.

That play has to be a big moment no doubt. We are going to need many more like that with this schedule. Sure hope Jefferson can settle-in and is over whatever jitters ailed him in the 1st half. He will be a target by defenses if his passing can be easily rattled by pressure and he has to scramble frequently.

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