On to Ole Miss

Auburn is over. Nothing can be done about it. Those officials can be fired, and drawn and quartered (not a bad idea), but nothing will change. Arkansas will still be 1-2. Time to move on.

I watched MS and Bama last night. Fun game to watch in some ways. Some ways not so much.

My question coming out of that is what was the deal with the Bama Defense. Ole Miss has some talent on offense and a very good QB. Still, those plays they were running did not seem to me to be anything special. They were just beating the Bama defense. I kept thinking that defense is full of four and five star talent, and yet they cannot make the plays that needed to be made. LK is a good offensive coach no doubt, but not that good. Many, if not most on here have a better eye for this sort of thing than I. If indeed what we saw was real against Bama (48 pts.), can AR or most anyone else hold them under 100? Would love to hear others think.

I think that UGA has the best defense in the SEC.


Agree with that, but we don’t have to play them anymore. I am wondering about Bama’s defense.

The SEC league office will determine who’s good and who’s not and let us know on a week by week basis based upon which team or teams have the best shot at making the playoffs.

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Exactly my thoughts Jim. Bama did not look good. And the plays and play calling from Lane didn’t seem that special to me. If things don’t improve for Bama I’d think Nick may fire his DC.

With our limited depth, I’m very worried about their hurry up offense. If they pick us apart like they did Alabama, then we could be worn out by the end of the first quarter.

I read elsewhere that Saban said something about Kiffin knew what defense was going to be called before each play. He didn’t accuse any chicanery, but that Lane was just so familiar with the Tide defense.

I can somewhat buy this.

I also think Lane is just really talented at calling plays. Honestly, if he calls that Bama vs. Clemson championship game, I think the Tide have another trophy in their case.

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That likely weighs-in. But, any team has problems with an offense that is three dimentional; mobile QB, speedy WRs, and chain moving RBs. Prior to the game with Bama, Ole Miss wasn’t racking up significant rushing yardage, but they did last night. Made it tough for Saban’s group. It’ll be tough for our guys, who are more of a two dimentional defense.

I watched that game, too, and I was shocked at how “soft” Alabama seemed to be playing. Ole Miss moved the ball at will. I don’t ever remember seeing a Saban-coached team give up chunk yardage plays like that. Is OM that good or is the Bama D that bad? Guess we’ll get at least a partial answer to that question this week.

Wonder if Kiffin will be extra motivated to beat the Hogs since HY withdrew our offer to hire him. HY had every right to do so after Sexton tried to squeeze more $ out of Arkansas after we already had an agreement in place. Thank goodness we got CSP & not Kiffin.

Hopefully our defense has better success than Alabama. Not sure we have enough offense to keep up with OM.

I’m thinking the Ole Miss players AND coaches won’t get over this loss quickly. It was Kiffin’s personal super bowl.

And they’re coming to play lil ole Arkansas on the road.

I think we punch them in the mouth and our offense rolls. Defense does enough.

Hogs win.

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A lot going to depend on status of our injured players. How many can play at and at what level.

Jim, read somewhere today that Ole Miss was reading the defensively calls (still same as when LK was there). Hard to believe but I like our chances with Barry Odom - I believe the Tide DC (Pete Golding?) won’t be around long.

I listened to Saban’s post game driving from Auburn to Tuscaloosa last night. Saban said he played 2-man front in first half and that did not stop the run. Second half they went to a 3-man nickel and that stopped the run but Ole Miss ran pick plays the entire half and Bama never stopped them. Safeties played poorly an communication was bad in secondary.

Those pick plays don’t work in zone as good.

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