On to Georgia

Not even mad. This is going to be the result until we stop penetration from better than average guards. We don’t have anyone like Chiozza or Hill. Barford is in there class athletically, but he is wired to score - not penetrate and pitch.

Going to smash the Bulldogs on Saturday.

In with you,

Florida was always going to be tough for us,

We have some horses this year but maybe not enough for a w there.

Georgia worries me.

They play everyone tough.

I’m worried we could lose that game if we don’t reallly bring it.

Got to beat Georgia and not leave ncaa to chance.

Response: definitely Chris Hill a committed PG in the 2019 class can be compared to Florida’s 5* Hill, and if you can’t wait that long I have a gut feeling medical redshirt Glaser will be more than adequate for the time being.

It’s Justice Hill, not Chris, and I will be shocked if a walk-on (Glasper) is the answer at PG.

According to Fitz Hill - there is a chance Hill might graduate early and join the 2018 class.

Champions lose games, but they take out their frustration on the next opponent. UF did that to us. We need to pay it forward.

You guys must not pay much attention to recruiting. We have our PG for 2018 (that’s why CMA isn’t really forcing the issue for next year).

Florida didn’t take it out on us we shoot poorly in the first half. If we would have shot mid 40’s we would have been either ahead of tied. It was the lack of offense.
The fast break points in that first half were off our offense turning quick shots into easy baskets. Yet we did have defensive issues. Rebounding. Just a loss.