On the USC lefty who shut down Arkansas

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Matt, it sure seems like we fare much worse against lefties. Do you have any stats from this year and last year about that?

This year Arkansas is batting .318 in 239 at-bats vs. right-handers and .281 in 139 at-bats vs. left-handers. Last year it was .288 vs. right-handers and .284 vs. lefties.

Most college teams struggle against left-handed pitching. For instance, Arkansas’ opponents only batted .226 against lefties last year.

Generally, you see more right handed pitchers anyway. So you would like to have lefty hitters. Arkansas has a few more lefty hitters than normal this year. Just a few years back, there were almost no lefty hitters or pitchers on this team. That’s flipped. Jax Biggers hit well against lefty pitchers last year. Chad Spanberger had struggled against lefty pitching for two years then figured it out last year and was so good at using the left center gap with pitches the other way. That’s what some of these guys have got to do, go the other way.