On the unique way Au'Diese Toney's mother adds fuel to his fire

Tee Toney-Teague is active on Twitter. When she feels her son, Au’Diese, isn’t getting the recognition he deserves, she screenshots tweets and sends them his way.

On a unique way of adding fuel to the wing’s fire and Toney finding some of the spotlight in March, even if Eric Musselman has to point it on him:


I hope he stays at Arkansas for another year. It has been a pleasure to watch his improvement on the defensive side. That certainly endears him to Muss. Now, I’d like to see him have another year to work on his O game. I love his tireless play.


Great read. After all the praise mr buckets got for 37 in the previous game, it’s a bit hard to believe no mention about Toney on Vitale’s board etc. Then again maybe not.

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Me too. Toney actually has a nice smooth looking 3 stroke from the corners and he’s recently made a couple from the wing. If he continues to work on his 3 and defense, I believe he could have a nice NBA career similar to Patrick Beverly.

Patrick’s had a very nice NBA career by doing just that. Great defense and 3 point shooting, along with good guard rebounding thrown in. Seems to fit Toney like a Tee.

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Wonderful read. Just makes me hope even more that Toney comes back to play for the Razorbacks next year. GHG. Shock the basketball world.


Great article, Nobody inspires like moms do.


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