On the transfers ...

When someone like Nance decides to move on, what is his current school’s obligation to him? It is mid-semester, and I am guessing that he would remain in class for the remainder of the semester.

Here are some of my questions:

  1. Is he allowed to be around the team or banned from the use of any of the facilities such as weight room?
  2. I assume he has to begin paying for his meals. Can most of these guys afford that expense?
  3. Does he have to pick up the cost of room and board the remainder of the school year?

Nance is just used as an example. My question is about all of the guys who are using the new transfer rule.

Bump. Anyone know?

You are banned from weight access in the complex, but not the HYPER.

You still remain on scholarship until the end of the season.

Ability to play in 4 games during the year and still redshirt is the new rule, nothing about transferring is new. The same rules still apply to transfers; unless you’re graduating that year or moving down in classifications, you must sit out a full season before playing at the new school. Same thing could’ve occurred last year if Austin Allen had only played in the first two games and then decided to hang it up and go elsewhere. It is being used more prevalently this year because four games is a larger body of work to understand you’re not going to fit in with the coach/players/school.

On your first question, I’d actually welcome that kid into the football weight room and dining areas after he’d announced his intentions. 1) You made a pledge to that young man and his parents/guardians that you would do what is best for him. If what is best for him in his eyes is to go somewhere else, you don’t just give up on him. You’re not going to give up on the other redshirts that haven’t announced they’re going somewhere else, even though some are likely to at year-end. 2) He’s probably already friends with a number of players and will be hanging out with them/living with them away from football activities. I wouldn’t want a disgruntled player talking with my other players about coach not looking out for him.

On your second question and third questions, you can’t pull his scholarship during the semester. I guess the University could force the hand if they had a disciplinary action. He still gets meals, room and board, and tuition paid for the remainder of the semester.

I suppose it is up the the college. Rightfully the player should be treated like any other scholarship player including participate in practice. If I was a recruit, I would avoid colleges that hold a grudge and mistreat players they don’t see as beneficial.

It seems as though the answers posted are opinions. Do they in fact eat with the team that they just quit? How can that be a positive for the team? Do they lift weights with the group of guys that are no longer their teammates?

The bottom line is that they quit the team and are no longer part of the team. I would be surprised if they are still sitting around the table with the players who used to be his teammate.

Insiders, do you know if fact what is happening?

The players take a lot of online courses during the season, and most live off-campus, so whether a given player is on campus much is probably an individual thing. Most guys are only taking 12 or 13 hours in the fall anyway. I would think that they could still get medical treatment as needed, and probably have access to academic support.

I doubt they get to go the weight room, players lounges, or anything like that for the current players, but I don’t know that for a fact. It would be pretty awkward in most situations. HPER has a lot of weight equipment for students, so a pending transferee can go lift there if needed.

Don’t have a clue if they still get access to the nutrition center, or whatever they call the training table these days.