On the TD that was called back

I was having a hard time hearing what was going on (and the announcers were not good IMO in explaining what was going on). I heard the official say illegal man down field, but never heard the details. Was it a lineman down field or did someone line up wrong and cover up someone?

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

Treylon Burks lined up on the line of scrimmage which made Gunter, the tight end, an ineligible receiver. When Gunter ran his route, that made him an ineligible receiver downfield, causing the penalty. They say Hicks was good at spotting those kinds of mis-alignments before the snap and, apparently, Starkel is not so good.

I figured it was a line up issue. Which is very frustrating. You would think a player would know, by the formation called for, where to line up.

When you are relying on true freshmen, stuff like that tends to happen until they get a little more seasoned.

I’m not buying that. You learn about that peewee football and have junior high through high school to practice it. And these players get all kinds of film time, practice time, etc. It’s not like they just practice a couple of hours a day.

I know. Mistakes happen and he is young. It is still frustrating. I also know college offenses are much more complicated than anything I ever played in back (a long long time ago) in high school. It is just frustrating to lose a TD based on something like that.

Those kind of mistakes happen in many games and they tend to be the younger players that do that. Everyone else’s freshmen are not playing perfectly and only ours line up wrong.

I’ve seen that happen in the NFL, as a matter of fact, it happened this weekend

hogq, I’ve been at my current job for 23 years and still make mistakes. How about you?

These football players aren’t programmed robots.

I think it’s pretty common. There’s only a step between being on the LOS & being off it. I don’t know if Gunter should’ve been off or Burks should’ve been off, but it’s a tough penalty to get.

If Starkel doesn’t spot that kind of thing as well as Hicks, I can understand why CCM is a bit undecided on whom to start. However, we almost overcame that penalty on the next play. I’m not sure Hicks could have done that. Nor am I convinced Hicks would have thrown the pass that resulted in the voided TD.

Starkel maybe should have seen it, but that one’s on Burks. It’s just like DL lining up offsides, all you have to do is look. If you see and see TE is on the LOS, you can’t be on the LOS too if the TE is supposed to be an eligible receiver on the play. Nonetheless, you see guys do it all the time-just a mental error.

I don’t know if you can do it in the SEC, but at the high school level if the receiver asks the side judge if he’s on the LOS, the ref will tell you.

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There were actually two receivers outside of Gunter. Mike Woods was out there, too. He started in motion. You’d hope that the receiver would understand that he’s the flanker and not the end. You look in and see the tight end. Burks may have thought he was off the line. Sometimes your eyes play tricks.

I sometimes catch it and note that the tight end is covered up by the end. Sometimes they are and it’s a run play.

I have also seen it happen when the officials don’t catch it.

Enos told me that his offenses got that call about four or five times a season and it always drove him crazy because the ends and flankers can confirm with the official if they are on the line or off the line.

The other part that is tough sometimes is when the receivers are playing multiple positions. They are not always the flanker or the end. It makes it tougher when you are asking freshmen to learn multiple positions in the formations.

But, when you look around the league, everyone probably got an illegal formation penalty in week two.

I’ve seen a lot of timeouts called on the sideline when a coach realizes that the formation is not legal. That is frustration, too.

that should not be left up to the quarterback to correct that the receiver when he gets to the line of scrimmage is supposed to look at the official to ask if he’s on the line or not. So I blame Burks for not getting clarification if he was on the line or not…

You can blame whomever, but both have a chance to fix it. You sure hope that the quarterback can fix it, too. I have seen lots of QBs fix that. And, so has anyone else who is around football.

The QB should be able to fix a lot of things. He’s not going to get everything, but with true freshmen at wide receiver, he’s going to have to get a few things corrected.

I bet Starkel does fix some of those things as he plays more in this offense.

Burks is a terrific player and smart in how he’s learned things. He won’t make that mistake again is my guess.

I am really excited about Burks and Knox. They both could be stars in the SEC, which is not something we’ve had in a long time. Nice to see K. Jackson get in the mix too, and Woods is doing pretty well. WR position is really looking up.

Were we also in an illegal formation? If not, then we had to have two people lined up incorrectly.

Yes, I pointed out that in my story Saturday night. There were basically three pre-snap errors that were penalties. There had been none to that point. The illegal formation was on the first play of a drive and led to a 1st and 15 near the goal line. They punted on fourth-and-1 after gaining 14 yards in three plays. So that caused a three-and-out.

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I guess they could have called “only three men in the backfield” penalty instead. Same results for us. If that had been a running TD then only the “not enough men lined up in the backfield” could have been called.

Thank you! I see alignment penalties in the NFL frequently.

Its a product of complex schemes, with sight adjustments, and trying to play “fast.”