On the staff announcements

I don’t think we will hear anything official on the staff tonight, but expect there to be some official announcements coming tomorrow or Saturday about hires.

And maybe a commit!? :slight_smile:

I’ve found it curious as to why we still have no DC… starting to wonder if the rumors are just that. What would explain the delay since the A&M bowl game ended? … if he was coming it seems there would be nothing holding him back now… and we definitely need a few more hands on deck.

We wasted valuable time so we could wait to make Gus an offer that he used for a fat raise… and now we’re trying to play catch up in the recruiting process… without a DC (or staff). This never did appear to be a well thought out plan, but I did expect things to improve once we had a HC on board… I’m trying to summon up some patience, and I know this won’t likely be a quick turn around, but something still seems very unsettled about the way this is starting off…

I want you to think about something. There has been several reports that Chavis and other defensive personnel are already here. Rumors by national media that Chavis is not only here, but recruiting. Anytime we ask a question on assistants I ask our insiders (who I trust more on this topic, than the national folks) if the rumors of Chavis actively recruiting for AR is true, they ignore the question. The only times they’ve done that in the past is, when it’s true and they don’t want to “break” the story before the coach/player can announce, or it’s bad news and they don’t want to be first.

I have not seen the “national media rumors”… and while the insiders do appear quiet on the topic, it has not seemed to me to be because they know something they can’t share… but if you are right, that works for me… I want to believe you.

And while we are at it, I’d like for you to think about something… Why would Chavis be recruiting for us, but somehow this can’t be announced publicly? Their season has completed, they’ve hired a new person for his position and we are without an ability to answer recruits that want to know who the DC is going to be, not to mention the rest of the staff. Seems like lots of reasons to publicly announce, so I’m just looking for some inkling of an idea as to why this remains a big secret… unless it is another time wasting rumor.

Because Chavis is still under contract at aTm. He has not been fired and had not quit, so if he is actively recruiting for AR, it may be an issue, which is why no one will commemt

And RD just confirmed he is here and been involved in recruiting

Believe me, we are trying to get something official, something definitive.

Sources are hesitant to confirm because they want to stay on the new staff’s good side.

There are all kind of sightings, some info.

We would love to break it - but most important as always - is for us to be accurate.

If I actually see a guy with my eyes, first I would go up and introduce myself and then I would put it on here.