On the shotgun and the new offense

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Are you trying to make a grown man cry with joy? Arkansas running the spread always in shotgun…dreams do come true!

It’s not really been my dream as everyone seems to run the spread these days. What makes the spread we’re going to run any different than anyone else?

I’m for whatever works, but it’s curious to me that some of the people who say we have to do things differently than everyone else to win, also want us to run the spread … just like everyone else.

what will make it axlot more difficult in the sec west is for the spread to really work you have to be able to run the ball and OM and TAM are the only defense you can are the only ones you can run on. now the spread is easier to run out of becasue your only blocking 6 guys and trust as an OL coach I can tell you that;s much easier than trying to play bullyball with Bama,this offense will only be as good as the balance we can create.if your one dimentional in this league you lose

What has been the most successful spread team in the SEC? I’m thinking Auburn, and only when they had a QB that was both a running threat and a passing threat (even if they had to cheat to get Cam).

They were one dimensional with Nick Marshall and went to the NCG. Stidham is a passer and their offense was very good this year. Missouri also has one the SECE a few times with there spread offense.

My only worry about trying to run out of the shotgun is around the goal line and on extremely short yardage situations where you might consider a sneak or a fullback dive. The deeper you start plays in those situations the more likely it is that the defense can stuff the ball carrier on straight ahead plays. The outnumbering the defense strategy by spreading the offense out does not work as well when the defense is defending small spaces and selling out to stop the run.

The way Morris runs his offense makes this less of a problem because he utilizes TEs, H-Backs and FBs in various sets, giving his offense overall more of a power capability. I believe I saw somewhere that in the past he’s even brought in an extra OL as a third TE on occasion. The run and shoot guys are the ones who really struggle to run in those situations against decent defenses, as they just don’t have the scheme or personnel to bring in those extra blockers.

From what I’ve read, this was the biggest complaint about Morris at Clemson. They had trouble in short yardage during his final season there.

It seems that many just want a change from what they had previously and you wait and see if for some reason our new scheme doesn’t work they will be calling for a return to the Pro style. I’m good with whatever works as long as it works and we climb the Sec ladder. WPS

I think Arkansas has a much better chance of recruiting consistently well for the spread than what we’ve tried to do the last five years. Several really good to great OLs needed for the previous scheme and don’t think we can get enough.

The only things worrying the Hogs coaches are can the QBs make the correct reads often enough and can the RBs protect the passer. If they get that solved, they will have the best offense in college football. All of the pieces are there, just gotta put them together.

The key is not to be in short yardage situations as much, definitely not on purpose.

Sounds good to me, we sure didn’t get enough with previous staff. WPS