On the search firms

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Be interesting to know what that fee(s) is.

Before anyone gets upset about a search firm “picking our coach”, keep in mind that the role of these firms is to vet the candidates (check into their background, verify information, etc.) and present that information to the University powers that be to use in making THEIR decision. The Search firms do NOT make the decision - just provide information.

So, I see this as a positive step. No surprises.

also sounds like they have narrowed it down and are getting close

Based on what has been charged elsewhere, I think it will be somewhere around $500,000 combined.

I definitely got in the wrong business. I should have been a college coach or administrator in sports. There is zero accountability in sports when it comes to money.

How can we hire someone that is not from Arkansas?

Do they not know only people from Arkansas is good for Arkansas?

What??? I think you’re off a little bit on this one, more like $200,000.

My estimate is based off what I have read about how much others have paid for those two firms.

Oregon State is paying DHR up to $200,000 for its coaching search now. One would assume Arkansas is paying a comparable rate.

Texas paid $200,000 plus expenses (an unknown figure) to Korn Ferry for its AD search in 2013. One could assume those rates have increased in the four-plus years since. I read today that Korn Ferry is the most expensive search firm in the nation; unsure whether that is provable.

Those probably are not apples-to-apples comparisons. Who knows what Arkansas is paying for vs. what the others paid for? But at least they provide some information into what others are paying for comparable services.

We have requests to learn how much is being spent on each. We’ll see if we get the information.

Bet Tennessee now wishes that they had hired someone to vet before their dumpster fire. Reports now are they have offered Gundy $8.4 Mil. Wonder how that works out in SEC??

Matt is usually spot on when it comes to these $ figures.

Can we get a search firm from Ark to vet Arkansans so we can hire Arkansans for Arkansas??

Asking for a friend from Arkansas

Those are some massive fees for simply doing background checks. There is way more to it than verifying resume data, etc. No surprises is “good” but it’s the hands-off approach I have problems with. My guess the admin likes the insulation from the process - down the road, they simply state they relied on the “experts”. Plus, they avoid playing favorites toward the political camps that form around various candidates by the well-heeled, influential folks.

At the culmination of the process the examples cited in the article aren’t exactly awe-inspiring. Some massive train wrecks in this type process. Yeah, those experts have a crystal ball that is so much better than everyone else.

It’s the trend in higher education. Antiseptic leadership. Management via what’s hot lately. Outsource it. Just like so many Universities are doing lately with all sort of services, facilities management, the list goes on and on. Look it up via google - enter “outsourcing” and the provider - Aramark (SMU facilities, many other institutions), SSC (TAMU system), Sodexho (everywhere), Corix (OU), WFF (custodial), the list goes on …

I firmly believe that we’re seeing future textbooks being developed before our eyes of how NOT to run a University.

The true visionaries are the ones figuring out how to take more control over their own futures. Higher education leadership should be selected for their ability to lead, to make the tough decisions. All this is just pushing things off their plates that are … not the ~core mission.


From what I can see, colleges and universities are like the government…Spend more -charge more (raise taxes). Its out of control.

It will depend on their scope of “search”. Are they only vetting, or are they handling the search. It’s my understanding there are different fees associated with what the are hired to do. I would also assume it would be based on the amount of time they “search”. If we hire an AD or coach within the next week, then we can assume it’s not that much. And yes, I know what assuming means.

Search firms are not discoverable under FOIA. An enterprising reporter, fan, etc. can get phone logs and emails from AD, President, etc. Some of that could be very damaging to the potential targets for our job. Even if someone turned us down, if it got out it could cause them problems at their present employer.

Now, these search firms get paid well. Ole Miss paid $137k to hire Matt Luke. I would think if you want both positions filled in the next 10-14 days, 500k would probably be the number. You have high priced lawyers, etc. working on these. Gets expensive.

I was just told Arkansas is paying $75,000 to Korn Ferry. The cost is less than the other Korn Ferry jobs I cited earlier because it is being used for a more narrow focus at Arkansas.

We are still working to learn what the Foundation is paying DHR International. Because that was not negotiated by the university, it might not be discoverable under FOIA.

My amended estimate is that Arkansas is probably paying around $275,000 for these two firms.

There are lot’s of good comments in this thread. I think the world has changed significantly on coaching hires from a year ago. The issues with Tenn and ability to move in reaction to social media will require more , not less, communication with fans of schools . Protecting candidates, managing the process, and keeping the image of school in high regards will mirror private enterprise more going forward than the tight lipped policies of the past. I think we are seeing some of that play out in this case. One could hire the best and desired candidate but still screw up the pr and image and be a net loser. More power to agents it seems to me and that doesn’t square with approach of big $ donors who fund this. Could also influence a school to keep bad coach longer than warranted to be sure these issues can be managed. World is changing and then after all this ,they just have to win!

If we’re only paying $75K it’s probably only for vetting the candidate(s) we’re focusing on

Yes, that’s the impression I got.