On the pitchers shutting down Texas Tech again

Texas Tech is a top 10 offense, but it has not been able to solve Arkansas pitching this year.

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it sure didn’t bother Loeske that they had seen him before,you got the kind of stuff he’s got it don’t matter and he didn’t even use the CB this time.just straight gas!! was awesome to see.I sure hope Reindl is on I’m a little nervous about him after the Super regionals.

I’m.a bit nervous about Reindl, too. I wonder if DVH has the same concerns & that’s why we haven’t seen him on the mound so far. Instead, we’ve seen Loseke twice.

That notion entered my head as well, but I think it’s more about “pecking order” than it is a concern about Reindl, per se. In other words, I think that at this point in the season, DVH has shortened his relief rotation, and he simply trusts Loseke (assuming he’s rested properly) a notch ahead of Jake to come in for 2-3 innings in middle relief. So, if he’s rested, he’s probably going to get the call ahead of Reindl most times. Also, with regard to this particular appearance, you’ve got to factor in the clinic Barrett put on against Tech when we played them in the regular season. So, you just knew he’d be very confident going in against them in this setting.

I’d think we’ll see Jake before long.

I see Jake as a type of long reliever. Also, Loseke is more of a significant change (a power pitcher) from Murphy than is Jake. Bottom line is Jake and Isaiah are rested for Friday. Gotta like those odds, even if we face Singer.

Reindl was warming up in the bullpen alongside Loseke yesterday, but wasn’t needed because Loseke pitched so well. Reindl had one bad outing. It happens. They have not lost confidence in him.