On the OL

Sam Pittman said today that he thinks Noah Gatlin is fine. He said he was proud of the way Dalton Wagner played in replacement of him.

He said Beaux Limmer is fine. He said there had been a plan to get Ty Clary in the game because he had been practicing well. Pittman said Clary missed “20-something days from different situations in camp.”

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I was wondering if Limmer was injured or Clary playing better. I did notice Beaux whiff on a block before coming out.

I don’t know that Clary has now won the position. But I can say that watching the replay, if you focus on Clary, he was DOMINANT. I mean, he played his ass off. I assume he must have missed time due to Covid…and I totally understand moving on without when when he was hissing. But now it seems to me he is one of our best 5.


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