On the mend

Happy to hear ya’ll are on the mend. Prayers for a quick return to health.

The Covid impact that seems random has an explanation…somewhere.

IIRC, HIV is a very distant genetic “cousin” of the bubonic plague that impacted Europe so heavily in the 1300s. If you have European ancestry you likely have a small genetic resistance to HIV courtesy of their surviving the Black Death. It is why HIV (especially early on, before mutation) impacted such a large number of people with ancestry from the Southern Hemisphere (where the plague never impacted).

That was the gist I recall from Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans’ wonderfully engaging and provoking book, “Evolving Ourselves.” I haven’t read it in a couple of years, might be time to dust it off again.

Sorry to hear of your struggles Clay. I don’t hear of many people getting Covid much in my little town these days. I got a very mild case last April. Nothing like what you are experiencing.

Good, but that fishing retirement is getting dangerous.

Both of us doing better. Lots of fun stuff to watch from recliner and couch. Naps are wonderful.

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