On the mend

After a long week of Covid torture, I am feeling better. Unfortunately, I passed it to Jean Ann.

I had four rough days. Then two better days. I have gotten most of my voice back so I did 10 minutes of radio this morning. I could not talk most of Tuesday or Wednesday.

This is our first Covid battles. I’m sure boosters have helped us, but it was still brutal. Maybe Jean Ann is going to do better than me. She is in better health and younger.

I think the new meds are helpful. I got pavlovid late in day two. Jean Ann got it 10 minutes after her positive test so maybe that’s helped her battle.

Sadly, we had to pass on the Blake Shelton concert in NLR last night. Tickets were Christmas present from Sarah. We sent them to our nephew. I’m told it was a great performance.

I feel strong and don’t have any fatigue as I’ve heard about. But my throat was very painful. I could not swallow for two days. I lost 12 pounds, mostly fluids. Pumped Gatorade on Wednesday and that helped.

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Watch for brain fog. It’s stayed with me for going on a couple years.


Fred, you have had brain fog since Brandon Allen days. (You knew that was coming, right?)


Boy, did he tee that one up for you…lol.

All in good fun, Fred. We all know that Covid is serious business.

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Wow didn’t know you had COVID. I hate that you had a bad case of it… I had it last summer and to be honest with you would have never known I had it if my nephew had not come down with it and I knew I was with him the day before. I went and tested and was surprised I had it… I really never had a fever but I did lose my taste for 5 days and that about drove me crazy… then I lost my smell for about that length of time but other than that I was basically normal in my opinion…

Glad you’re feeling better and hope Jean Ann can get through hers much easier.

Gatorade is something that a lot of people need to keep in mind when you’re going through any kind of illness like covid ,flu etc.

I had a great friend of mine who was a doctor told me that years ago that that was the best thing to help people get through that a whole lot easier because that puts the electrolytes back in your system that you are losing.

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My wife and I both had it a few months ago, we had gone to Destin for some warm weather, were there
for two days, wife went shopping and evidently was infected and brought it back to me, she is a young chick of 70 and I am an old fart going on 83, you are right about the sore throat it was intense, we did not take anything but Tylenol and managed to survive, we both had shots and two boosters so maybe that helped, needless to say it cut short our trip, the drive back to NWA was loooong.

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This strain is supposedly milder strain, but it’s still Covid. Kicks patients butts! As I’ve reminded patients through all of this, each of us responds to the virus differently and thankfully the boosters and paxlovid have helped stymie it from developing severe infection. Glad you are better Clay.

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Sorry you have had COVID but glad you are on the mend…thankful early detection, boosters, and a specific effective pharmaceutical are all lessening severity. I hope any residual effect is short, particularly fatigue and sensory. I am celebrating my 14 post COVID month after a 2 week non ventilator hospital stay and continue with a few residuals but there are side benefits. I can buy cheap wine now since l remain unable to distinguish the flavors. Again glad you are on the mend and hope your energy comes backs for wading Norfolk and the White.


I am up to date only boosters , a couple of yrs ago when COVID started , I got pneumonia in one lung, COVID test came back negative. I still get out of breath. I can’t imagine how rough having COVID is


Hate to hear about getting this mess. Our worse part was the fatigue for about 3 weeks so it’s good you don’t have that symptom. Prayers for you and Jean Ann. Rest up. Watch baseball/basketball and soon you’ll be out pulling in those trout.

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Aloha Sir,
Would really like to know the details how COVID affects people differently. Poor folks like Clay get walloped while others have zero to minimal affects. Is it a person’s DNA? Particular physical traits?
UA…Campus of Champions

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Glad you’re on the mend.

My sister in law had to go back to Tennessee last week to deal with her late father’s estate. She picked up a case of COVID there and brought it back to my brother, who is already dealing with cancer, multiple sclerosis and sarcoidosis. Fortunately he didn’t have it too bad, just body aches, which he has with MS anyway. But she was wiped out for a few days.

They have identified some factors that tend to get you walloped more: Smoking; asthma; being overweight; there are others. But some people who don’t have any of those still get walloped.

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I could lose some weight. But not any other issues. I never smoke. Will have a glass of wine. But I do not think many would consider me a wino. No comments from Fred please.

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As Jeff stated, there’s the usual players that worsen Covid along with just about every condition—smoking, emphysema/COPD/lung disease, obesity, older age—but honestly there’s a definite randomness to this that we’ve witnessed, where there’s no rhyme or reason to who gets “walloped” as you say vs not so bad of a case. I think nutrition and physical conditioning have something to do more so with how quickly with the bounce back/recover, but( like other viruses )this Covid one ramps up folks’ immune systems differently (some get higher fever no aches, but others not so much).

Researchers are studying these different factors and it affects us when we get Covid. And ongoing treatment options coming/being studied. Stay tuned…thanks the Lord we’ve got Paxlovid and boosters to hit back for now.


Take care, Clay, and a big get well soon to Jean Ann. You’ve had more health issues than the Razorbacks this winter.

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Clay, I hope you and Jean Ann heal quickly. Being ill is just no fun.

Jean Ann seems better early in day three. Voice sounds better. I am getting close to my normal self in day six.


Will keep you both in prayers, you never know how this will affect you sometimes months later. My wife and I both had it last September and she has not fully recovered. Take care and be aware. WPS

I’ll throw some randomness into the mix. I’m 46 and have what I’d call mild asthma. Eat pretty healthily etc. Usually when I get sick, cold, flu whatever, it tends to eventually mess with my lungs pretty big time. This did not happen with covid (got it last november). Little to no action on my lungs. Strange. One horrible night of chills then fever and that was it other than a day or 2 of fatigue.

Thanks for prayers. Much appreciated. This stuff will get you to praying.