On the importance of Arkansas' transition defense vs. Gonzaga

At Arkansas’ early morning practice at Chase Center on Wednesday, Eric Musselman hit on one key part of the Razorbacks’ game plan for Gonzaga. Then he did it again. And again.

On the importance of transition defense vs. the Bulldogs:

Probably means we won’t be getting many offensive rebounds, will be getting back quick to stop that transition.

I don’t think you’ll see that much of a difference - if at all - in terms of effort on the offensive glass. But you will see guys busting their tails getting back, because I think the ballgame lies in transition. Gonzaga this season has had the fastest offensive possessions of any team in the nation and it has the No. 1 offense efficiency-wise. That’s pretty remarkable.

Yes they are also a great passing team,you can tell they know their offense very well, kind of like Vermont did but with a lot better players,hopefully the offense shows up for us.

The Zags didn’t covert at the free throw line against Bama I’m that loss. St Mary’s just out played the Zags!
Our hogs will need to be ready to play period and make some shots. I think the hogs need to make 9 or 10 3’s.

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If we don’t make 9 threes we better hit 20 to 25 free throws, that becomes a two edge sword, foul trouble and scoring while the clock is stopped. WPS

I think we need to do both!
Hit 9 - 3’a and make 20 or more free throws. Finishing at the rim will be key too.

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