On the game

Pretty good team we played, not your typical patsy. That being said. Rebounding and 3 point defense needs work. Typical Anderson team. It is what it is. Hannah’s shot looks different. But he led team in scoring. Thomas is much better than any 4 we played last year. Barford looked like he lost his legs. He looked winded. Beard’s offense better but picks up way too many cheap fouls. In fact I hope this is not a foul a minute team. Saw some bad calls by refs, but another Anderson team trait is a lot of slapping and fouls. Wish they would play straight man and quit the overplaying. Kingsley looked good. Thought the freshman, bailey I think, had more energy than cook. It’s early and I know it takes jucos some time to adjust but he didn’t have a good game on either end. Manny was manny. Macon took a couple ill advised shots but impressed w his defense and offense. Played best of the jucos by far. Good win against a decent opponent. Will only help down the road. Thompson, well wish he would look for his shot more, but thought he played fairly well. Room for improvement, work in progress. Congrats hogs on the win. Last thought, crowd was unimpressive. Lots of empty seats. Let’s not do any marketing u of a.

They sold 13,000+ tickets but less than 60% of those actually got used. Once again, unless it’s a Power 5 opponent, our fans will not turn out for a nonconference game. Period. I don’t know that there’s any amount of marketing that would change that. Even if we’d sold out, it would have still been half empty. No way to know if the soccer match next door diverted any fans who would have been at BWA otherwise. Maybe some students decided to check out the game on grass instead.

Butts in the seat are not going to be impressive for non conference games when football is still going, people have not celebrated Christmas yet and the opponent is not an elite one. It is what it is. We have the same discussion every year.

Plus 13,000 tickets sold is what matters. Tickets sold = Revenue. I am sure they are happy with the numbers.

A couple of Beard’s fouls were basically intentional to prevent layups. He went for steals off the ball when the other alternative was giving up a free pass to the basket. However, if he continues to play the way that he did tonight, he’s much too valuable to trade foul trouble for the potential of missed free throws.

Bama had a couple of hundred at their game, Vandy played before maybe a half house at MU, and there was another SEC team they showed (can’t remember which) that had a sparse crowd–maybe the Tiggers. In other words, if we had more than a thousand fans we were probably second in SEC in attendance last nite. So don’t sweat the crowd just yet.

Watching Misery’s season opener now on SECN. PLENTY of good seats available to put it mildly. You want to hear what Kim Anderson is saying in time outs, come on down. Front row courtside virtually empty. If they claim even 4,000 actual attendance, they’re lying.

Misery up 29 at half, BTW, but they’re playing a team that got blown out in their opener by Mo State, so we’re not talking a quality opponent.

Just curious (I know this is an argument every year), how many butts were in the seats for the non conference games from 90-96?

I am sure twice as many. Team was better, tickets were less expensive, not as much TV coverage, the ticket carrying fan base was younger.

As if nothing has changed with our program and college basketball as a whole over 20 years and 5 coaches.

The one and done rule has killed college basketball and it will probably never come back to 1990 level popularity here or nationally until the NCAA admits there is a problem and attempts to address it.

That’s before you factor in the Nolan debacle and all the struggles we have had, since, to return to prominence.

The good news is MA is noe getting players and the talent in the state is as good as it has been for a several year stretch in a long time.

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