On the fumble that wasn’t

After reviewing play, they admit it was a fumble.

But LSU, keeps ball because it was not a clear recovery???

How much more clear does it have to be when the defensive player hands the ref the ball?

Worst call of the day

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About like the arburn screwing :rage:

Shades of the 71 Liberty bowl. Jon Richardson fumbles Hogs Tom Reed recovers and hands it to Ref Preston Watts. Then Watts signals Tennessee ball. Watts never called another football game. Even the TN players said it was Arkansas ball.

Curles and crew are incompetent at best. Crooked at worst.


The SEC has proven its bias against Arkansas once again on a Fall Football Saturday.
The BS fumble but no clear recovery in which we would have had great field position or at least flip field position had we not gotten points and had to punt.
Then the BS targeting “confirmed” call that eliminated the leader of our defense at a critical juncture in the game.
I’ve seen enough!

Agree, worst call of the day until the targeting call that wasn’t! And, agree regarding Curles and crew, and Birmingham review team. You would think this would be embarassing to the SEC, but they very clearly don’t give a sh*t about teams other than the original conference members.

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That’s what I told a friend just like 71 Liberty bowl. When Joe Gibbs chased Preston Watts off the field

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