On the freshmen who pitched last night

Here is a little more about the play last night of Gabe Starks and Heston Tole.

21 different pitchers… that’s pretty mind-boggling. You better be on your game or you get shoved to the end of the line.

Starks has as good of stuff as anybody I’ve seen this yr.I like the comparison to Campbell in that he has great tilt on his pitches,have really been impressed with his command he’s 96,97 on the black or very close,unhittable CB,heard DVH talk about him but still don’t understand why he hasn’t gotten more work. I would love to see him start a midweek game.Tole looked good too…

Man that’s a lot of arms. (Good Arms), The older guys better stay focused and keep command of their pitches. These youngsters seem to come in with a chip on their shoulder.
DVH got to keep all happy to.

Starks has to be a nightmare for batters.

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What you saw last night isn’t the way they threw in the fall or early this winter. Had they done that, you would have seen them earlier. You keep pitching on side or in scrimmage work and keep improving, you eventually get a chance.

Both of those guys have great stuff. With some experience they could be really good down the road.

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