On the final state FG attempt

I chuckle reading all the armchair quarterbacking. What we have is a Plan, not “Plan A” with an assumed “Plan B” lurking deeper in the playbook.

We have great safeties, functional DL, troopers at LBs, and spare parts at CB. You can’t run man coverage with our CBs, plain and simple. You can’t expect our LBs to cover an RB, TE, or slot in man coverage either. A blitz puts you in man or with a hole in the zone. Its not the same coverage with an extra guy chasing the QB.

Sometimes to celebrate a big hit even though the play was successful. Maybe the WR had been woofing at you the play before, so you get a bit of payback. More to the game then raw results


Hope you are right. We will see.

If we were playing them at home, it could be close and we really would have a puncher’s chance to win. But with 100,000 plus thousand fans screaming, the over/under on our penalties will be nine in the first half.

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