On the final state FG attempt

Was it blocked at all? or just pulled badly?


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It looked like the snap sequence wasn’t very good either


With under 25 seconds the hogs allowed Moo U to get into field goal range that’s what stinks. I’m proud of the win but this is what we’ve done all year to close out first halves of games and to end games!
I know the coaches know more than any us but why in the world are you able to stop teams from gutting you for the entire game and the last 25 seconds you allow them to complete 3 passes to give them the shot to tie the game up?

I despise bend but don’t break. 4 touchdowns and 3 missed field goals. Needed to blitz up the middle on that last drive. He had all day.

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Yep. Holder didn’t put it down right. Looked like it was leaning.

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I had visions of a replay of the Mizzou game last year

Ark gets the rare 2 point conversion less than 1min on the clock

Bad guys throw down field kick field goal

Mizzou - made the FG

MSU - missed FG

I’m happy for the win but this phase of the game needs correcting

Maybe the good d line horses we have we just enough better this year

More likly a good FG kicker at MSU would of put the game out of reach

Thankful - for Arkansas win

But yes this phase of the game is likly to happen this time of year - Hope Coach Odem gets it addressed

It would be nice! There’s no reason to see that happen especially when it has happened before and the game is within reach for the Hogs to win or get beat!

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neither our OL or DL played particularly well given the opponent. NT was strong 1st Q then shucked the rest of the game. Only our 2 DL look where we lined up in the gap had any impact on the MSU offense will and performance. Both OG’s should have gotten losing game grades for their accomplishments in game. Neither OT lived up to their preseason hype.

#0 was a zero effort again and again, funny that his only sack or half sack came on a play where he acted as if he did not recognize the ball had been snapped and just lucked into the qb being chased right to him after his delayed reaction. I was stunned at how badly Isaiah Nichols efforted and performed.

It was funny to see Slusher celebrate his tackle on a play that netted a first down and kept a drive alive, must have learned that from Ridgeway who did the same a couple of games ago…
I’m not expecting Roman Harper plaudits for swarming to the ball and Chizik talking up our hitting any more this season. Get just enough done and let Treylon do the rest.
We won but it felt like we got outplayed and tried once again to give the game back to leg humpers kinda as much as last year when we also lucked out against OM and MSU who desperately tried to give us those games. I am well aware that winning ugly is still winning (see my Saints this year). Lots of teaching points for the upcoming weeks. We did win and that is that. Congrats on a team effort and these guys do seem to have each other’s back. Thanks Coach Sam because that is so important to how we win and you did restore that.

One week til our next game to define progress, Baton Rouge vini, vidi, vinci hopefully. Alabama have mercy on our soul. Better effort and execution awaits if we accept the challenge to get better and win with grace.

Alabama is definitely vulnerable. This ain’t gonna be a blowout. Not ready to predict we’ll win but Bama is struggling. Their OL is having real problems opening holes and they gave up four sacks. We’ve just gotta keep Young from shredding us.

MSU is a good team. Its name doesn’t have the weight many of our opponents, but we beat a very good team.

I don’t want to lose perspective on where we were and the progress we’ve made. We’ve played 5 teams in the current CFP rankings. (Texas isn’t one of them) We are 2-3 against them. Two of those losses could have easily been wins. That yesterday’s win could have easily been a loss doesn’t really bother me.

LSU will be hard to beat. They were as good as Alabama last night. Alabama, of course, will be Alabama when we play them in T-town. We should beat MU. So we’re looking at what should be no worse than 7-5. Maybe 8-4. Definitely a bowl—against some team that will be maybe the 5th or 6th best we face this season.


If we play Bama with a three man front, they will look like a vintage Bama team…

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Bama has tended to look like Bama for 15 years against every defense we’ve used.

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Yep, this great defense may hold Bama to under 500 yds and 45 pts.

Yards don’t mean squat. We got 600+ against OM and lost. Moo U got 500+ yesterday and lost.

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I was thinking the same thing. Although I can’t really see a logical reason to predict a win, there’s a part of me that thinks we’re going to give Bama some real headaches.

Actually, the only way I can see is winning is with KJ’s legs in the first half and then taking your shots with Burks throughout.

Throw in some luck, and you’ve got a nice win.

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Yep, none of us are going to predict a win for us in Tuscaloosa. At least not if we’re using our head instead of our heart. However, I can envision some realistic scenarios where it happens. We are better than we’ve been for the last 9 years and this isn’t as good a Bama team as usual. Of course, a below average Bama team is still top 5 or so. Nonetheless, we’ve come close to them a couple of times in the last few years. We need luck, but that can happen

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I keep thinking back to the 2014 Bama game at RRS. Bama was #7 in the country, we hadn’t won an SEC game in two years, but we outplayed them and should have won. They gave us a lot of help that night, but we gave them some too (blocked PAT was the margin of victory, Kody Walker fumbled at the goal line, BA threw a pick when JWill was open for what would have been the winning touchdown).

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Correct, but those 45-50 points sure mean a lot and I don’t seeing the Hogs match that even with a good offense.

I don’t think Bama is scoring 45 on us, in spite of your clear disdain for our defense, Jim.