On the field

I watch most of the game from the press box. But with a few minutes left, I head to the field to be ready for the post-game interviews. You can take your time because there is generally a long wait between the end of the game and the interviews.

But anyway, the Hogs have outscored the opposition 28-0 while I’ve been on the field over the first three weeks of the season.

Should I just watch from the field?

Check with John Chavis , he has been down there all year after coaching from the press box . Think it was more of the full moon effect but might be worth putting into effect when we play the Aggies.

I don’t think my pass is good for field access until the five-minute mark. But maybe I can pull some markers in and get an all-access pass and test out my theory.

I think CM is willing to try anything to get some wins so high probability of success if he buys into it. Funny how those things work out in sports

The 50 yard line.

Yes. We might go undefeated with you on the filed Clay!

I don’t really want to be on the field. Makes me nervous. I have seen too many slow old dudes get knocked into a wall to want to hang out on the field. I get real nervous when the plays head my direction.