On the doc Clint McDaniel is working on

Talked to him this week about the project he is working on:

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FYI, Clint is 50, Scottie. Just like I’m going to be next Saturday.

Are you involved in this in some capacity? Sounds like an exciting project.

A little bit. I’ve been selling one of the producers, Clint Fulmer, some of my Hog stuff. He’s gonna interview my cousin Ryan (who was also a manager) and I sometime soon on camera. He likes the stories I’ve told him so far.

Clint lives in Springfield but is coming back to NWA in early August to pick up some of the things he bought from me on his way to do some follow-up with Coach. I’m hoping to tag along.

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His wiki has two different birth dates. Didn’t notice that initially.

No worries. I just knew he was a little bit older than me.

Nice. Hope to see you on the screen.

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Thanks, PJ.

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