On the different feel for Hogs-Tigers in BWA this January

Wrote on how different Wednesday night’s Arkansas-Missouri game in BWA feels compared to last January’s meeting, plus some keys for the Razorbacks:

We got our hands full… hopefully we shoot the ball better than against LSU.

Mizzou wants to get out and run. Plays right into Arkansas’ hands. I’m guessing probably about a 30 pt Hog win tomorrow. Mizzou is overrated. Decent but not a top 25 team. Arkansas let a win slip away against a not-so-good LSU team. Team will be better prepared tomorrow nite. I almost feel bad for this version of Tigers coming into BWA tomorrow. It’s going to be a blowout.

I hope you’re right… I think it’ll be a pretty tough game. They are playing very well.

How do you explain their easy victory over UK?

Simple. Kentucky is terrible. Don’t believe me. Just ask any Cat fan. They’ll tell you.

And the absolute blowout of Illinois. Missouri did get crushed by Kansas but I think they’re the type of team if those threes aren’t falling they’re going to give up a lot of transition baskets. That’s our hope for tomorrow night I believe

I am impressed by Coach Dennis Gates. Maybe Missouri’s best hire since Anderson left.

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Make an elite 8. Or better yet. Make 2 in a row. Then I might be impressed. Mizzou is just the flavor of the week becuz Tigers beat 2 overrated teams at home. We’ll see how Mizzou fares on the road.

Illinois was a neutral court as it is every year

The Braggin’ Rights game in St. Louis was pretty sparsely attended. It was the night the cold snap and snow hit, a few days before Christmas.

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ok fair enough

however, this was the same Illini team that the head coach literally had to beg his players to play harder during a post-game press conference so…

my point stands

Mizzou hasn’t yet played a quality opponent on the road

Tigers are in for a rude awakening tomorrow night

Is Nick definitely out for this game? Have we heard?

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We will see how Kentucky does against LSU tonight

Yes … per Muss, himself.

One game means nothing. You may be proven long term that he is a bad coach, but right now he just has that feel of a good coach. Eye test man, just like we judge our team on eye test, no matter what they do in a game,

KY. Keeping. 5 point lead during game with 8 minutes left

This LSU team plays hard, unlike Will Wade’s pay for play squad.

Yeah he’s a great coach and once he gets some talent they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.already are appears

Don’t think this is anywhere near a blowout.

We should win, but will not be easy. We are missing two key pieces to this team. Lot’s of youth and yes very skilled and will get better as the season goes on. Hope we win by 20 plus, but will be very surprised if that happens.

5-10 point win will make be happy. We will have to earn our way back into the top 10. Tigers are not going to give it to us.