On the difference Hammonds/Warren's speed can make

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I think Warren’s faster…

I think Warren’s faster…
[/quote]Not sure who is faster, but I sure like the way that Warren accelerates through contact. It seems that even our bigger backs and receivers seems to decelerate at contact, possibly to shift direction, but seems it makes them a bit easier to bring down and lessens the effect of falling forward.

Yep…you’re right. I love him…

Only time speed hurts a team is when you don’t have any and the opposition does. Hammonds and Warren played fast and it was very obvious they have the speed to play their position well, looking forward to seeing Hammonds get some of those short passes and turning it up field. WPS

You can add Chase Hayden to that list.
Look at Joran Jones the wide receiver he has speed as well. There’s speed on offense and the challenge the staff has to face is to use this the speed and talent they have in order to move the ball and score. I want to pull my hair out when I notice especially on special teams where we fail too use our offensive weapons to pose a threat. That’s a failure when you wait until week 7 or 8 to be aggressive on special teams.

Cole Kelly is a threat as well he can pound out some tough yards on the ground.

Jordan Jones needs to add some muscle to fight through press coverage. Bama and AU beat him up those first 5 yards.