On the Coaching Job Thus Far

They’ve lost their three best/most experienced pitchers. They’ve now lost their whole season’s RBI leader.

Moreover, as SEC stats go: they’re tied for 11th with UT in BA. They’re 11th in Slugging %; 12th in base hits and total bases. They’re only 5th in ERA; and they’re not #1 or 2 in any major stat category – except saves.

Yet they lead the SEC West and are playing for a sweep of an arch rival this afternoon.

Clearly, they’ve made more with less. Cheers

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It’s attitude and fight. They take advantage of the opponents mistakes most of the time. I hope the rabbits foot hangs around. The injuries have piled up pretty high. DVH has made the right moves and keep winning.

They are aggressive to the extent they swing on first “good” pitch. I hate to see them doing the sight-seeing thingy. Can’t win a lot doing that.

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There’s a few that refuse to swing at the pitch off the plate away even when it’s being called strike.

It is a very bad habit to swing at a pitch off the plate. Maintain your discipline. It will pay off. That is the core of college baseball success.

Our relievers threw 5.2 innings of relief with only one “walk”. I thought that was huge.

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