On the coaches

I have been a member here a long time and don’t post much. This loss is on the coaches. So frustrating watching other teams adjust and improve as the game goes along and seeing us over and over fall on our face.

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We run well, really really well, but…

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Briles got away from the run too frequently and Jefferson’s accuracy has regressed from last year. Oh, and we have to stop fumbling inside the five.

We should be a much better scoring team. But we ran the ball really well I thought.

Leading 14-0 dominic johnson comes in powers you to a first down at a&m 40…you run 3 plays for hornsby and punt…63 yd run and ball game had completely changed

Got too cute


Which coach?

You can blame coaches and players. It’s likley 21-7 if KJ doesn’t fumble the ball.


Prolly the oline Coach. He taught Stromberg to snap it on the ground. Maybe Fountain. He clearly taught Little to aim for the right upright. Maybe that bum Pittman for hiring these clowns.


Say no more!!! I don’t like putting it on coaches but we came up some untimely dumb plays that killed our momentum.


All of the coaches to be honest but Sam is head coach.

Bringing Lb’s on 2nd and 30 and allowing a replacement route behind them for a 1st down. Over and over bringing backers and getting guys in back end in bad spots. Keep the ball in front is what we have done in past and made others make mistakes.

On offense commit to running it after running for 10 and 8 up 14-0. Instead get cute and get no points. Teach your Qb not to put ball out at 3. Get him to set his feet and hit wide open receivers, missed several tonight.

We practically gave this game away.


Why “blame” anyone? Every team has scholarship players & all have high paid coaches who understand the game. Sometimes plays just don’t work. Sometimes fumbles happen. Sometimes the other team just makes a play.

I hate the blame game. It’s rarely accurate and almost always counterproductive.


Tonight was to evenly matched teams. A and m can’t throw very well or stop the run. We can’t stop the pass.

Every game has calls that go either way. Yes if KJ doesn’t try Superman who knows but he did.

Last week this board was up in arms about no Hornsby and tonight they tried him, didn’t work.

Sometimes you have to call things to keep the other side honest.

Players execute. Tonight stromberg KJ and little, three of our best, had one play each failed to execute and that cost us.

Better team than last year but way tougher schedule

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Well said @neastarkie. We knew this was a tough game. Pull together guys and make a run.

Totally agree with Jackson’s comments. We got too cute play calling mid game when we were hammering them with the run. Then the turnover turned momentum and breathed life into AM.

We are limited in back end on D, so we better scheme accordingly

Beat Alabama and all will be forgiven.

Coaches will be praised for their great play calling

One play can change a game. Punt return last week. KJ fumble this week. It’s football. It’s sucks to be on the wrong end of the score.


We were a better team than them

Except when we weren’t
And we weren’t on 3 plays, when just getting one of them right would have probably resulted in us winning the game

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I’m not sure why you say we’re a better team… they looked better tonight for sure… can we be? Maybe…next few weeks will tell

I said we were better than them except when we weren’t

It’s a play on words

We had 3 plays that were entirely our own fault, not forced by anything the other team did.

Execute any one of them and we probably win the game

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I didn’t really mind the football plays Briles called, during mid game. I did mind guys nearly falling down, dropping the ball, and running into each other when they ran them. The double pass I liked, but A&M amazingly was all over it. I only saw one receiver out on that side of the field and they had more than one defender. Great D.

I don’t like any plays that don’t work. There was a ton of those besides these mentioned. A ton.

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I think Pav makes some excellent points, but it was the helmets. That’s why we lost…

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