On the bright side

Connor Noland did a great job. Pitched a shutout for 5 1/3 innings. It’s a shame we couldn’t get him a win. He and Wicklander are the keys to the Hogs’ success in post season.

It looks like Connor is building stamina slowly as the season continues. If we can stretch him out to 7 innings, we will be a really tough out all the way through Omaha.

Kyle Peterson mentioned that Noland hasn’t been able to do baseball-specific weight lifting because of football. If he did, according to KP, he might pick up 3-4 mph on his fastball as well as going deeper into games.

I would like to see Connor Noland spend more time on baseball and less time on football! He has a lot of talent on the mound.

If he gets buried on the QB depth chart baseball will become more of a focus…

My wish for Connor:

  1. Earn the starting or back-up QB job in the fall.
  2. If he doesn’t earn one of those 2 jobs and ends up 3rd or 4th in line, he needs to start baseball weight training in earnest. That would seem to make it pretty certain that the possibility of a professional sports future, if that’s what he wants, would be in baseball and not football.

Music to my ears!

As of last check, he plans to play both sports as long as he can because he loves both sports.

And because he can