On the 2-way clinic Devo Davis put on vs. LSU

“He’s playing how we expect him to play and a little better.”

Wrote on the two-way clinic Devo Davis put on Tuesday in Arkansas’ 60-40 win over LSU:


Finally a leader stepping up on the floor. Great job by Devo.


I can’t imagine where this program would be right now without Devo.


Wow! Just to think he stepped away from the team earlier.

Imagine if whatever that was about hadn’t been resolved, and he had hit the portal.

We would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

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He’s been the glue of late on both sides of the ball and once again has proven that if you can play lock down defense most every team in the country would make room for you on their roster. A great defensive player in any sport is like finding a dozen eggs, they are some out there but they are expensive ! WPS

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