? On stadium crowd noise

Hard ? To ask given status of things ,but does the north end zone project in fact keep crowd noise in the stadium making it louder than before?

I have not noticed a difference. Of course, the other teams have done a good job of taking the crowds out of the game.

Need something to make noise about.


The NEZ is basically a hollow shell right now. Plus it’s very deep from the point where the sound enters to the back walls. I know very little about sonic waves, but I’d think in its current state it would absorb noise rather than enhance it. I’ve only made one game this year–last week for homecoming. I was in the indoor club so I didn’t hear much noise from in there.

I made my way to the SEZ lower level to leave but stopped just as we forced the punt early in the 4th quarter. The crowd started getting loud once T.J. broke on his long run & seemed loud from then on. Since there probably weren’t 25,000 people in the stands at that point, I was impressed with the noise I heard.

Hard to really tell this year.

I’m in the south outdoor club, and haven’t been able to tell, but we haven’t had any thrillers or super packed crowds to get he stadium really going.

Last years ole miss game would’ve been a good one to have this year to tell, that was a loud one.

I am old and don’t like loud music. It’s probably stating the obvious. But I can’t hear my self think when they play music (mostly bad music) before the game. It seems to bounce off the north end zone. I do not think it’s a shell as someone said here. It does make the stadium louder. I’m told by an engineer that it would do that and it that it has done that.

The pregame music is awful.

Tell us how you really feel Matt. :lol:

I hypothesized that it was a hollow shell that would absorb the noise, Clay. Glad to hear it doesn’t. If it doesn’t now, it surely won’t when completed.

I’ll add that I hate the piped in music, too. Bands are there for music. I wish we’d depend on it to make it. However, there’s something else I’ve gotten tired of—the honoring of every conceivable person or group throughout the game during any timeout or lull. I don’t have anything against those honored, but it’s the timing of it. Honor them before the game or at halftime. However, those things automatically suppress crowd noise & enthusiasm. Of course, there wasn’t much of that to begin with in the Coastal game, but those things are like the scoreboard commercials. They’re just cheer-killers.

Seems like it would be more like a cave and “echo” the noise. I also hate the piped in music. Would much rather hear the band play.

I used to have season tickets. I went to the Ole Miss game last year and the Auburn game this year. The volume of the music honestly made me glad that I don’t go to games much anymore.

Went to SC game this year and there was very little - in fact I don’t remember any - recognition of people during the game. Everything was geared towards maximizing crown noise/participation. They even continued piped in noise up until the time the team broke the huddle.Same thing at other SEC stadiums I’ve been too with Alabama being the best.

Our game day presentation is poor compared to other SEC venues.