On SEC Network, first time closed captioning doesn't block the score box --------

-------------- at the top left of the Auburn vs A&M baseball game. Always, on all the other broadcasts, I have had to try and see through the letters as the closed captioning rolled past to see the balls and strikes, last pitch speed, the number of pitches thrown by this pitcher, and the right side runs scored was mostly blocked. I am 72 and rely on the closed captioning to figure out what I didn’t hear clearly on the broadcast. Is it the SEC network fixed this or YoutubeTV? This is really nice and I want to know how to get it this way from now on.

There are settings for the CC which will allow you to change size, color, and opacity

You might try that

The interesting thing is it shifted down, apparently, with nothing being done to it. I checked the Roku settings and moving the box down is not one of them.

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