on schollies for kickers

Just read the wonderful article on Lantz, who wants badly to come to the Hill. You can ask fans at Bama if a good to great kicker is worth a scholarship. They will tell you a resounding YES!

I believe the Number 1 kicker pledged to Bama this year. Not positive, but pretty sure. He may have been a Birmingham product that one of our Hoover members knows. (Swine, correct me [again] if I’m wrong.)

Hasn’t worked out for us lately

In the word of the notorious Notorious P.I.G., mercy. Of course a great kicker is worth a schollie. The problem is that you do not know who is going to be a great kicker until they get here and perform in front of tens of thousands of people in games that have Gi-normous implications. Cole Hedlund was a highly regarded, heavily recruited kicker. We’ve had plenty of others who were considered among the best PK recruits in the country. Most of them could not step up when the pressure was on.

Exactly my point, Eagle. Blake Johnson too has struggled so far for a schollie punter

A good kicker would have won a lot of games over the years for the hogs! I’d give the young man a scholarship!
Look at the QB position!

Was Lantz kicking off a tee at this camp? Is this still a major transition for placekickers?

Fred, you assume I actually look at who Bama signs, at any position. I have no idea, nor do I particularly care. I know they’re generally four stars or better, whether they actually deserve that kind of rating or not.

We need to recruit a woman soccer player from Russia with vodka in her veins…

I don’t know about this one, but for certain, a great kicker is worth a Schlorship. The display of kicking I saw in LR last Spring was appalling. That will get you beat. A tremendous amount of yardage and considerable points are at stake.

Here it is again and this is almost a must to be a great team. Kickoffs should go deep into the Endzone or be able to be placed into either cornor of the field without going out of bounds. Extra points must be automatic. When the offense reaches the 30, a coach should know he has at least 3 pts. in his pocket. Punts must travel at least 40 yds. with a significant hangtime. Those are the basics and must happen. Also, there should never be a blocked kick of anytype.

Broyles hammered this and won a lot of games with it.

So how do you advocates of giving schollies to kickers who have not kicked beyond high school games, know which kickers will be able to handle the pressure and perform at the High D-1 level?

If nothing else this guy would kick it in the endzone. Some of these guys BB brought in were absolutely terrible.

You don’t know if anyone you give a scholarship to will produce. Even 5-stars. I remember a 5-star RB Bama signed the same year we signed DMac and Felix. Kid did absolutely nothing in Tuscaloser. Ricky Town, highly recruited QB, flamed out at USC and here and is going for the Power 5 crash-and-burn trifecta at Pitt.

Having said that, the failure rate on kickers is particularly high. I know that Bobby Bowden, haunted by years of Wide Right, signed the #1 kicker in the country at Free Shoes several times. Only one of them actually kicked well for him. People like Hedlund are more the rule than the exception.

Apparently they do not want to have more than three specialists on scholarship at a time.

Tanner Burns was telling the campers yesterday that if you miss on a kicker, it does not only haunt you for that for one year, but for four.

He also mentioned how most of the kickers and punters in college football start as walk ons and then many of them are put on scholarship.

Coach Burns then introduced six former Arkansas kickers who had done just that

NEVER give a scholarship to a kicker until he proves he can kick at the college level. Have them walk on first, and earn it. We’ve had too many kickers wasting scholarships for far too many years already. FG kickers are THE toughest position to evaluate. Make them EARN it.

I agree with this statement

The obvious point here is that they are worth a scholarship if you can predict that they are truly good. You can’t.

That’s why coaches get the big bucks to make those decisions. If they don’t have a kicker, then whatever they did can get them fired. If they do, then they get a raise.

It’s a tough thing to predict. I think in the old days you could give several kickers scholarships because you had more available. Not so easy these days.

The deeper your team becomes, the more giving a scholarship to a kicker becomes doable. Right now the Hogs aren’t deep and they need to use all available scholarships to play catch-up for talent in the trenches.

With the new rule, just put their name on the transfer list, they’ll get the message, lol.