On Sam Pittman's stop in Little Rock on Wednesday

Sam Pittman spoke and answered questions from fans Wednesday night in Little Rock on the third day of Arkansas’ four-day, statewide bus tour. Mitchell Gladstone has details:

Sam prefers 9 games, Hunter prefers 8. Hmmm… :thinking:

Sam wants only one Border War…I thought…wrong…apparently, he wants an emotional rollercoaster ride.

By Sam

I met with Sam a couple of weeks ago for our football preview magazine. We talked about the schedule a little bit.

What he told me was that if they go to a nine-game SEC schedule, he thinks the requirement will be dropped for a Power 5 game in nonconference.

But even if that happens, Arkansas might still play the scheduled games vs. Notre Dame, Utah, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech that are planned for the next several years.

I think he likes the idea of an annual game vs. Texas.

I’d keep Notre Dame and drop the rest.

I’d drop Arkansas St & schedule someone in Fayetteville.


Yes……beating the Indians….ur Pink Pups (sorry…kinda) does nothing for our brand. And actually does little for the pups…


They won’t drop ASU in 2025 when SEC goes to 9 game schedule. Memphis is SOL.

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Afraid you’re right