On Ricky Council's tale-of-two-halves game vs. Mizzou

Ricky Council went from a +/- rating of minus-18 in the first half Wednesday against Missouri to a 21-point second half. On a bounce-back effort essential to Arkansas picking up its first SEC win:


In a tale of two halves I wonder why not in the first half.

In the post game press conference it was covered pretty well. Adding Pinion, him hiting a couple allowed him to sit in the corner caused the zone to flatten out, i.e. it pulled defenders to the corner and allowed room for Council to work in the middle.

Just that threat to score was enough and if they hadn’t covered him, they’d feed him the ball to shoot again.

Excellent article. It almost seems like this team needs to experience adversity to really turn it on and play like they are capable. Maybe it’s just that the slow starts this season stand out to me and they aren’t really as bad as I’m thinking?

Ricky was nothing short of sensational in the 2nd half in this game. It was interesting to see that he’s been scoring more all season in the 2nd half. I haven’t checked, but I imagine this is his best game for points per minute played.

We certainly needed Ricky’s 2nd half and Pinion’s excellent scoring game to beat what looks like a very good MO team.

We’re going to need to play a complete game at Auburn Saturday night. They are struggling some this season, but are always tough at home.

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We need Anthony Black to be more assertive on offense. He scored 5 points or so. We are not going to beat many good SEC teams with that kind of production from him.


Seems like AB struggles against zone defense’s. Against man to man he usually has the advantage.

I thought at one point last night that Arkansas might put AB in the middle of Missouri’s zone and let him play create from there. The 3 he hit late in the second half was really big. It put the Razorbacks back up 6 with 3 minutes left. Not sure I expected him to be shooting 35% from deep at this point in the season, but he is.


This is at least the 2nd and maybe even the 3rd time that Ricky has had a pedestrian first half and exploded in the 2nd. Don’t remember the game(s), but do remember him putting up big numbers similar to last night in at least one other game earlier this season.

Yeah, I am not sure if team needs more scoring from AB. We just need McDonalds AA PG play from him. Last night Devo was our best PG, dribble penetration, read the defense and then go to the hoop or dish it out or pull up for a jumper. Yes Devo made mistakes, but he was making plays

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Where would this team be if Muss’s last signee wasn’t Ricky Council. I bet 8-5.

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I agree PJ. I’m hoping next year from the portal Muss gets at least one really good shooter from distance.

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