On Reggie Chaney's game at Providence

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Reggie Chaney had a great game and needs to get as minutes as he can stand.
Just stay out of foul trouble and he will impact the game.

Reggie had a really outstanding game…his best as a Razorback. Did anybody in the media ask Mike why Chaney had not played much this year? This is a mystery to many fans. It doesn’t take an expert on college basketball to see the potential and talent of the kid. Thousands of inquiring fans want to know. In my opinion, he was misused, mishandled and generally jacked around all year. Why didn’t we play Gafford and Chaney together on the front line and bring in Gabe and Bailey to substitute for them? Put your five horses out there and sub the lesser players. Chaney was playing out of position…he’s not a center. Why we didn’t go with this freshman is a mystery I have heard no one ask Mike about. If Chaney had started and played or just played a great deal, imagine how much better he would have been by tournament time. Of course, it didn’t matter…we didn’t make the tournament. But I think we would have been a better team had we played and utilized Chaney in a more positive fashion.

John Nabors podcast said Chaney had to be BEGGED to even go to Providence. And that he and several unnamed others are all but gone. Unless something drastic happens.

Do the insiders have any info?

This was discussed the day of the game, it’s bs

Thanks. I must have missed it.

The rumors about this is typical when there’s so many trying to get CMA fired!
Take it with a grain of salt and forget it.
There’s no doubt he’s a good player and he should have played more. The hogs need him to come back next year!
He didn’t show a bad attitude or play like he didn’t want to be there. Also I don’t think CMA would beg anyone to go!

I criticized Mike Anderson for his management of Chaney this year, but I want to be clear…I certainly want him to come back and have a great sophomore year with the Razorbacks next year. We can’t afford to lose him…hopefully, this year is a bump in the road for Reggie, and he develops and plays like we all believe he can. He has a big upside if he can develop his offensive game.

Would you happen to have a link to the podcast? I’ve heard a couple of other people say this as well.

I am not saying this is or isn’t true. What I wonder is where did this take place and which reporters saw this happen. If several reporters saw it I hadn’t read anything about it in the paper , and if any TV people had saw or heard about it I would think it would have reported on the local news or sportscast. I am like the rest I sure hope there is nothing to it .

I asked someone Wednesday morning who I truly believe would know if there was truth to the Chaney rumor and was told it has no merit.

I for one am shocked :shock: :roll:

You talking about having to beg him to show up to play in NIT rumor, or the he been telling folks he’s transferring rumor? He’s got a couple out there :slight_smile:

My post was in reference to the rumor that Chaney is potentially leaving the program, which I haven’t heard directly. Also, I don’t think a guy who has to be “begged” to travel with the team to a game is going to wind up playing nearly 3/4 of that game.


I searched Locked On Razorbacks Podcast on Stitcher and it pops up. Same thing for any podcast client like Downcast.

Chaney will be back, he knows he will be a vital part of the team next year…

Tend to agree with Scottie here.

Let’s be clear about one thing - if it happened, no reporter saw it happened.

Because if they had, there would be a story about it by the reporter that saw it.

Because it would definitely be legitimate news and something that should be reported.

What is being “reported” is a rumor coming from somebody’s source who “heard” that is what happened.

That is why I think the allegation it is unfair to Reggie to throw it out there without getting a quote from him, a coach or an Arkansas official.

Doesn’t mean I am right, just what I believe.

Makes the most sense and logic.