On Reggie Chaney

With all the rumors flying, I got in touch with Reggie’s father. Here’s what he told me:

“I don’t know where the rumors are coming from but he isn’t leaving Arkansas. He is fully committed.”


AWESOME!! just another hit to these clowns and their rumor mills

His father must not read Hogville

This made me laugh so hard.

Hogville is now convinced KES is leaving. They may be right about that one. He’s at the bottom of the pecking order for our scholarship guards.

From watching him pretty closely all year - Reggie is a very serious kid, doesn’t smile much, is not happy when he makes a mistake or gets pulled (most people aren’t). Doesn’t mean he wants to leave or is unhappy overall.

Yea that’s why I stay away from sites like Hogville.
Reggie is a workhorse, little hard on himself, but that just shows he cares.

Reading that site will mess you up man. Too many random people just creating accounts and just saying stuff. And the people over there just feed on it and roll with it.

I’ve felt like he’s the most likely to leave. Posting cryptic tweets lately. He’s been hurt, hope he doesn’t leave. Tons of upside but definitely not an area we will be hurting in.

Wonder if it effects Bryce Thompson?

Who knows. According to some on Hogville MA will be let go and we could hear something anytime soon.

I’m already messed up enough, lol. But I can contain my temperament over here talking to people with knowledge and logic even when I don’t agree with some sentiments.
Those people over there seem to love drama, chaos, and controversy.

And that sums up why I’ve not visited that site in years…

There is a lot of crap you have to wade through on Hogville, but the board is interesting and has some great stuff and some very knowledgable guys who post. It reminds me a little of our old board, “Hawgs Illustrated”. There was a lot of intelligent, lively debate. Hogville has always been “out there”, but it is fun. It is free, so anyone is open to post. They may have 500 responses and 10,000 views on a major post. This board just never has recovered in moving from HI to WholeHogSports, unfortunately. We did keep Clay, Dudley and added Richard, Scottie and the gang. I still miss our buddy, Jimmy Walker. The board is getting better. I wish we could get all our old posters back. We lost a lot of the “sizzle” when we transferred. Nothing stays the same in life…ever.

I think the bleeding actually started with the last couple of HDN’s years. Prior to HI becoming what some would call a “homer” board, you had some contentious debates about HDN. We even had members who were very high in the banners and black shirt movement. Even with all that, I think we were one of the larger Scout boards around. That bleeding was stopped for the 4 years under CBP but reared its head during the firing of CBP and hiring of CBB. I along with several left that period.

lol hogville wants chaos period. they think chris beard is just waiting on our call. hard to even read that board.

Yeah, that cracks me up. Chris Beard considers TT home. Same way CMA considers AR home. He’s not gonna come here.

The other thing that cracks me up, is Scottie said he spoke with Chaney’s dad and he was staying at AR and doesn’t know where that rumor is coming from. McPherson just posted over there that his sources are saying Chaney is definitely looking to transfer. Hmmmmmm…Kevin’s sources or Chaney’s dad. Wonder who has the most knowledge about what Chaney wants to do.

From personal experience…The only way you ensure not having a date with a pretty girl is to not ask her out. Make her tell you no.

So we should ask Chris Beard because he is a pretty girl? Hmmmm…