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Mike Irwin was asked about the defense in the game and he said Chavis must go and maybe Morris too.

Chavis should quit, is it true he has a 2 year contract?

Mike Irwin is a straight shooter. He will not dodge a question and will almost always give you his thoughts. I appreciate that in a journalist. He has been around so long that he just doesn’t worry very much about what people think about his answers. He can be brusk, even crochety at times, but he is one of my favorites. He reminds me of me.

Really like listening to Mike. He is one of the few journalists that will give it to you just like it is.

Fire them all. Right now. Tonight.

I HOPE Mike is right on both accounts.

He is in the first season of a two-year contract. His buyout right now is in excess of $1.5 million.

The 1.5 mil buyout is a big road block!
It don’t take long to figure out the money issue alone between the lawsuit with CBB and the current staff it isn’t a given for them to make a change!

There is no road block if the number 16 program in national program decides to act like it, or just leave the SEC before we are asked to leave.

Foundation is not as flush as many believe

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It may not be, but losing a million dollars a game is bad also

I don’t claim to know the answer, but at some point we have to consider two questions about the entire staff:

Can the Program afford to dismiss them?
Can the Program afford to keep them?

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You are exactly right…those are the only two questions worth asking and somebody at the U of A knows the answer.

One thing for sure, its obvious none of them should have been hired. Chavis wanted a retirement fund and got one, same for CCM. The longer you keep them the more you lose just like a falling stock.

The stock market is a good way to make money and throw money away! Just like hiring a new unproven coach in the SEC!

Did he sign a new contract? This is his 2nd year as OC.

Thanks Matt

I am historically a very solid supporter of an y hog coach, Heath and palfrey and Morris, etc. but San Jose state And Mississippi state have ASSURED me that our h ad coach can not do his job . He must be fired. The sooner the better. As in now. Right now. Before
Ty story crushes us (which he will). Right now. Time to hire the next coach, as in immediately. Tonight. Right now. 8:57PM central time.

He has to go! Whoever gave him a 1.5 million buyout might need to go also!!