On Patrick Wicklander's Type 1 diabetes diagnosis

Patrick Wicklander was gracious enough to talk with me about a health scare he had last summer, which led to him learning he was a Type 1 diabetic.


Wow, that does explain so much.

This is a great read!

I repect him tremendously…and have been thinking about him a lot since his diagnosis became public. And to come back this strong, truly wonderful.

I wish him great wisdom and continued strength.

Diabetic coma was a distinct possibility until he learned about the diagnosis, and that can be fatal. Then there’s diabetic ketoacidosis, which is the body breaking down fat too fast due to a shortage of insulin, and can also lead to diabetic coma. And death. I’m guessing when they put Wick in the ICU he had DKA. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve admitted to hospitals over the years with ketoacidosis.

So proud he’s able to comeback!,just shows u you never know why a player is struggling.

We rarely have any idea what trials and stress any of the people we have contact with are facing in their life. Courage is truly an admirable quality.

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