On our staff change

As many of you are aware, tomorrow is Jimmy Carter’s final day with us at WholeHogSports.

I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jimmy for all of his work the past 18 months. Many on here do not see the type of hours he has kept to bring some of the content so quickly. It has not been uncommon for Jimmy to be working as the sun comes up the morning after football and basketball games. It is a labor of love and he has performed admirably.

I’ve known Jimmy for nearly 10 years. Our first meeting was at a Starbucks one summer when he - on his high school orientation - messaged to ask if I could meet to offer some advice for an incoming freshman who wanted to write about sports. We developed a friendship then that lasted throughout his college years until now, and probably for the rest of our lives. I thought Jimmy would be a sportswriter forever because he is so good at it. I was surprised when he came to my house two weeks ago to tell me he was going to take another job.

Our loss is the corporate world’s gain.

When I hired Jimmy, I told him I wanted him to take ownership of basketball coverage in Arkansas. He has done that and it will be hard to replace it, but we are going to give it our best.

So with that, I’m excited to tell you all that our newest employee is Scottie Bordelon, who is no stranger to following in Jimmy’s footsteps. Scottie has spent the past 15 months at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette where he covered high school sports in Springdale, Jimmy’s old beat. Prior to that he was a sportswriter in Fort Smith at the Times Record.

Scottie is from Sparkman in south Arkansas and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas. I’ve known Scottie for a few years. He was the sports editor for the Arkansas Traveler while I was working on my master’s degree and our paths crossed several times in the basement of Kimpel Hall. You take note of student reporters who have potential and I took note of Scottie a few years ago.

He comes on high recommendation. His mentors are many of the same men who mentored Jimmy and me over the years. He is ready for this beat and I’m looking forward to watching him grow in his new role.

You all can follow Scottie on Twitter at @NWAScottie and he will be posting on this message board as well. He has high school games to cover in Prairie Grove tomorrow night and then will be working for us full-time beginning next week.

Matt’s been a great friend and an awesome boss.

He took me under his wing when he didn’t have to, starting with that orientation meet-up. He always gave me good advice over the years and then was the reason I didn’t wind up having to move to Auburn last spring, which I really didn’t want to. He gave me free reign over what I wanted to write and let me develop my writing voice. He also stuck up for me in a lot of situations when he didn’t have to, which meant a lot to me.

He and the rest of the guys have been awesome.

Scottie is a good friend of mine and I think he’ll do a really good job. He loves basketball, too. I know he’s super excited to start.

thank you Jimmy I always enjoyed your work! wishing you well in Corporate America!

Jimmy, I read and enjoyed everything you gave us as fans. I really looked forward to your posts. You have a real talent! Good luck!

Jimmy, I always looked forward to your breakdown of football and basketball games with your point by point analysis and video clips. They were entertaining and informative.

Good luck in your new job with Walmart.
I bet Matt will still let you post on the site every now and then…

Woo Pig

Thanks, Jimmy. I’ve really enjoyed your articles. The depth of research, your writing ability, and above all your professionalism, have shown through consistently. I’m sure you will do well in your new endeavor. Best of luck to you.

Five reasons Jimmy should not leave the board.

Seriously, WM is a great company. You made a good move.

Welcome Scottie, you have big shoes to fill. Jimmy has almost made me (a non-fan of basketball) a basketball fan.

And Jimmy, thank you again for all your contributions to this board. Please don’t be a stranger.

thanks for the stories and good luck in the new career…

Thanks for all the kind words, guys. Clay, Matt and some others took me out to lunch today (Clay even picked up the tab for mine) and it was a great send-off. Scottie and I recorded a podcast last night and I think he’ll probably continue to do that moving forward.

I still plan to post here every now and then.