On one offensive play last night

Ty rolled to the left and his pass attempt was tipped/batted; what they didn’t talk about or show was how wide open the receiver was, would likely have been a TD had he gotten the pass off!

I noticed that…pretty sure he would’ve scored.

I noticed the player for Auburn came through untouched on Ty’s rollout. Big guy #9. I think he was their defensive end. They like the single digit numbers on their D-line. Would have been nice if someone had just slowed him down a little.

Jared was 5 yards behind anyone. It would have been a score.

of course Auburn had a couple of those too…

Ty rolling left is not going to be a high percentage play for this offense against most SEC defenses. Recall the rollout touchdown pass to a wide open Pettway against E Illinois that required the receiver to make a fantastic catch because of how poorly the ball was thrown.

With his arm strength making plays down field rolling to his left is asking too much.

Makes you appreciate the Allen brothers. They both threw very accurately rolling to their left.