? On Norvell

It’s clear we are gonna be in the hunt for a new HC and this is the guy many want.

Can someone make the case for him for me? I don’t see much on the resume. Is it mainly the spread offense?

My guess, and he would be on my short list but not at the top, is a nostalgic yearning for someone from Arkansas or has Arkansas roots.

I have recently been researching him quite a bit, it seems he would be very interested in the Arkansas job.

He played at UCA, wife is from Arkansas, has a home in Arkansas, and it’s been floating around he’s interested.

Really dynamic offense, it’s exciting, and deceptive. He’s really energetic which I like personally after 5 years of Bielema on the sideline, looks like the kids play really, really hard for him. I think there are advantages of a young coach, and the way they relate with the kids and get them fired up is one. He’s got that type of charm.

Others may be able to give you better info, seems like jackaonreid knows a lot about him.

I was afraid that was the answer.

Could also have been his bitchin’ hairstyle while at UCA

If it makes players like him, and helps him recruit, bring it on!!

I’ll try to get some too.

There are plenty of people who would want the job. It pays $4 million/yr and is an SEC gig.

That shouldn’t be high on the list of reasons he’s the hot name.

I agree, but he’s also one of the hottest names because of his success.

I got to watch the Memphis and Houston game, you could see he had something in that game.

He’s got a good system.

He’s also got a really reasonable buyout.

So far I’m hearing:

Arkansas ties

Wants the job

Has a gadgety offense

Is young so presumably is more energetic

Has had decent success in one season in CUsa

Has a cheap buyout.


2 seasons, so better than one. He’s got some good reasons.

Ultimately you will hear what you want to hear.

Its not like he’s signing a contract tomorrow, but he should definitely be at the top of the list.

he has been impressive at memphis after departure of fuentes.

he is a legit up and comer. i am certain we are not the only ones looking his way.

upward trajectory

hard to know when you catch lightening in a bottle but he looks to have right ingredients

Reminds me of Stan Heath

Hear what I want to hear? Nah. Just wanting to hear why he “should definitely be at the top of the list”.

Haven’t heard anything of the sort. Young, energetic guys with a bit of success in drastically lower levels who really want $4 million a year jobs aren’t scarce.

This just seems like a Stan Heath/HDN groundswell of support.

He will be coaching at a P5 school next year, probably a good one, so not only some low level message board posters think he has it, a lot of people do.

There’s a reason you and I don’t make the decision.

The last two Jeff Long hires were seen as homruns, not just by Arkansas fans, but by the nation. Two coaches that had proven track records and no Arkansas ties came here. To attract those two coaches to lowley ole Arkansas was not something anyone expected. But Jeff Long got them.

How did that work out?

Maybe a young guy with Arkansas ties and Texas high School ties isn’t the worst idea. I’ve watched Memphis play 5 times this year. Each time I came away impressed with the way they played. They play with passion, and I wouldnt call the offense gadgety. I think the spread can no longer be called gadgety. It’s mainstream. If anything, in college ball, what Enos and Bielima have been doing is the novel way of doing thingS. What kinds of offenses are high school kids running? It ain’t the wishbone and more often than not it’s the spread. Those same kids want to run a fast, up tempo offense in college.

So for me, it’s personal observations of what I’ve seen on the field. I missed their only loss to UCF and would have liked to see what happened there, but I’m sold on what I’ve seen. He’s top 4 easily for me. Frost, Morris, Campbell, Norvell. Outside those 4 Kiffen (I know, but he’s a good coach)and Gus (probably not going to happen for a whole bunch of reasons).

Bottom line: Picking coaches is not a perfect science. Look no farther than than the Arkansas program since Kenny Hatfield left.

K, me and you are gonna argue. Home run hires? Who said that? When Petrino was hired, announcers at ESPN actually said he was a quitter and if they had kids, they’d steer them away from AR. No, one called Bret a home run hire, except those on here that DO NOT UNDERSTAND FOOTBALL. ESPN said they were shocked and wondered why? So, no one outside of AR considered it a HR hire.

Now, as for the yahoos on here calling for Norvell, DFarris made a comment the other day that 8-4 was mediocre and not good enough. We shouldn’t take someone who can’t do that. News flash: Only three legitimate coaches have ever done that at all their stops. Chris Peterson (Boise St, Washington), Urban Meyer (Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, tOSU), and Jim Tressel (Youngstown St, tOSU). I know the first two ain’t coming, and I’m not sure we can hire Tressel. There have been several who did it at their first stop: Bobby Petrino (avgd 8-4 here, 8-4 is no bowl games, as a matter of fact, take out bowl games, and no coach in our history has done better than 8-4), Charlie Strong (what happened at Texass), Butch Jones (ask TN about him), and Bret Bielema (avgd 9-3 at Wisky over 7 years). So, now you’re talking “up and comers” when they got their jobs. Right now, of all the names mentioned in the new HC thread, only three have accomplished it Chip Kelley at Oregon (who took over a team that had won 9 and 10 games immediately prior) with a whole four years experience, Chris Klieman (NDSU, who took over a winning program) with a whole four years experience, and Mike Norvell (the name I’m seeing mentioned the most) who took over Memphis when Fuente left. Fuente left a good team for Norvell, his last two years was 9-3 and 10-3. So, Norvell didn’t build anything, sounds like Bret at Wisky.

So, for all of you that are saying get rid of Bret, we don’t want mediocre and 8-4 is mediocre, and we want a coach proven to build a winner, WHO IS IT?

Yeah, this.

So, because Petrino went into the ditch and Bielema has imploded we should switch to completely unproven and impossible to predict?

Guys that the “only proven coaches” crowd would not have hired to be the Arkansas HC prior to them becoming big names:

Bob Stoops
Justin Fuente
Kirby Smart
Kirk Ferentz
Dan Mullen
Phil Fulmer
Chip Kelly
Mike Gundy
Dabo Swinney
James Franklin
Mark Richt

There are more of course. Mike Norvell has as much or more college HC experience as all of these coaches had when they got their first P5 gig.

I acknowledge the risk in hiring young HC’s, but also don’t think they should be dismissed out of hand.

Just about every one of those guys had a better resume than Norvell when they were hired. I’m fine with a non re-tread–prefer it, actually.

I just don’t get the fascination with Norvell at all. He was a GA not too long ago. He has had a couple of nice seasons as a HC at a much lower level of competition. His other notable experience was as OC at AZ State. What are his recruiting ties? Where is he going to go to get players ?

He may be great, but it’s a big reach to have him way at the top of the list. This is a classic example of a “hot name” that is a huge risk.

There are other up and comers who have proven more at much higher levels.

This is a major reach based mostly on people lionizing a guy they don’t really know much about other than he has put up huge numbers and won a few games in a. Ad conference with a QB with no offers that they offered sight unseen.

Major reach. Plenty of other up and comers who have actually recruited this region against the big boys and have had success on the field against them.