On Monday one of these will become instant contender

For the national championship conversation, that is. This is a special player.

PJ, isn’t he supposedly leaning toward the Zags?

Yes, Zags have been the undisputed leader. I did read about some speculation that he may want to learn from Patrick Ewing at Georgetown. And being a Minneapolis high schooler, there has been a late push from the new Gooher coach to stay home, but nobody thinks that Minnesota has a chance.

The dude is 7 feet or taller, and weighs less than 200 lbs.

He can play though. He’s basically an athletic Connor with lateral quickness.

He’s a whole lot more Kevin Durant than Connor Vanover

Not sure about that, but we’ll see. Like I said, the kid can play.

Just try to imagine CV with athleticism. That would be a literal game changer.

Every crystal ball is to Gonzaga. Will be a big surprise if he goes elsewhere.

Why cant we get somebody like that to come here!

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