On Lunney the interim

I spoke to Louis Campbell and Fitz Hill about what makes Lunney qualified to be the interim and about how he might handle these next few weeks.

And Lunney just killed the interview.

He was asked about who would start at QB and gave a somewhat involved answer ending up with “We are going to keep the starting punter a secret.” :rofl:

I thought Lunney knocked it out of the park today at the press conference.

H.Y. Was impressive too.

Nothing was written down. Opening statements and answered questions were from the heart.

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I agree. They said a lot of things the fan base wanted and needed to hear.

I sure hope he is retain by the new coach. He is a true Razorback!

I remember the aftermath of the 95 season opening loss to Smoo. The Hogs had gotten off to a bad start in that game behind starting QB Robert Reed. Barry came off the bench and nearly led us all the way back. Unfortuanately, he put the ball on the field on our final offensive play of the game. It was a bitter defeat, but Barry played well enough to win back the starting QB job. Reed was not happy and quit. What could have been an ugly and divided locker room was averted by some outstanding senior leaders who came forward and said " This is Barry’s team now. " It was, and that team went on to win our first division title. Well here we are 24 years later and this is Barry’s team again. I would not want to be Barry Odom on the day after Thanksgiving.

Robert Reed…man haven’t heard that name in some time.